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Made in New England: Meet Sarah Kaeck of Bee’s Wrap

Eco-conscious consumers are making an effort to reduce waste—from using reusable bags at the supermarket to dabbling in backyard composting. But what about food storage? With plastic wrap as the go-to for most families, Vermonter Sarah Kaeck was frustrated when she couldn’t find a better alternative to keep her homemade bread fresh. It didn’t take…

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Women We’re Watching: Kim Walls of BEB Organic

The clean beauty movement has sparked quite the buzz over the past few years, and skincare pioneer Kim Walls is disrupting the industry further with her line of luxury products—for babies. Inspired by the power of touch therapy while working with a preemie baby, she launched her company BEB Organic, specializing in preemie-safe skincare, from…

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Women We’re Watching: Sabrina Kenemy of Tech Start-Up Tap

Smart phones have undoubtedly transformed the way we live our lives, becoming the go-to for crafting work emails, Googling everything and even doubling as a camera to snap Instagramable moments. The woman to thank for revolutionizing digital imaging? Sabrina Kenemy, who co-invented the camera-on-chip (CMOS) technology at the core of every single smart phone and…

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