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5 Powerful Tools to Help Conquer Anxiety

Ahh, yoga teachers: Those zen, ethereal creatures who wear tie-dyed clothes, ooze calm, never have the shadow of a single anxious thought cloud their days and certainly never lay awake at night worrying about dying in a fiery plane crash (or reliving some mortifying social blunder). Yeah—these some of the many reasons I assumed I…

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Three Powerful Sleep Hacks from a Former Insomniac

You’re busy. I know. You’re hustling hard, juggling it all: multitasking, overwhelmed, overworked, overbooked, and running ragged. Which means sleep can be one of the first things you sacrifice. But cheating on sleep could yield way bigger problems than bags under your eyes (although that IS a legit problem!). According to Dr. Eric Olsen, “Studies…

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Three Insights That Changed the Way I Thought About Sleep

Insomnia is a wily beast. I have wrestled it for most of my life, using every tool at my disposal. I’ve tried teas, tinctures, prescriptions, over-the-counter options, essential oils, yoga, meditation, mantra, and pretty much anything else that I could find (and you can imagine!). Yet it was these two major realizations that changed the…

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