Barre3 Just Opened a New Location in Brookline, Massachusetts

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Simone Bernstein is opening the newest barre3 studio in Brookline on March 30, 2017. To celebrate, barre3 is offering free classes all weekend longA dancer turned wellness enthusiast, Simone started out as an instructor at the Needham, MA studio and never looked back. “I love the barre3 community. That’s why I decided to open a studio in my neighborhood.”
Barre3, a boutique fitness company that originated in Portland, Oregon, now has over 100 studios around the world as well as a vibrant online workout program. CEO Sadie Lincoln founded barre3 with a holistic vision of balance through both physical fitness and mental wellness. To balance the physical body, barre3 combines athleticism and grace with elements of ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates. It's a dynamic workout that increases energy and produces serious results. The unique barre3 system incorporates strength training through isometric holds and small, one-inch movements with seamless recovery stretches. Larger, functional cardio movements jumpstart the metabolism and re-oxygenate the body.
Barre3 designs the workouts to ignite a deep muscle burn through the signature “barre3 earthquakes.” Instructors learn “adaptive teaching methodology” which is the belief that every person should alter the workout to meet their individual needs. Barre3 encourages clients to ditch comparisons to others and tune into their personal physiology. Barre3 promotes the notion that real results come from listening to your body, not forcing or fighting it. Working harder is not always better.
Barre3 educates clients on how to “honor their truth,” by building workouts on a foundation of mindfulness and breath work. Each workout begins and ends with centering breaths, and the instructors often give breathing cues throughout to maximize results. While our workout might only be 10-60 minutes of your day, our breath is always with us and we always have the choice to breathe mindfully.
Barre3 translates to a whole life philosophy and the company strives to maintain a support system beyond the studio walls. Online subscription makes barre3 easy to access. A variety of workouts between 10 and 60 minutes, an expansive cache of nourishing recipes, and weekly interaction with rotating instructors build a strong sense of community.
Simone, who grew up as a dancer, was “always taught to look a certain way and exercise until it hurts. Barre3 has really taught me to enjoy exercise again and enjoy moving my body. I am in love with barre3 and I can’t imagine doing anything else!”


barre3 Brookline
1624 Beacon St,
Brookline, MA 02446

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