Behind the Brand: Meet Natural, Vegan Deodorant Company Each & Every

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When you venture into the world of natural deodorant, the first thing you’re probably looking for (after an aluminum-free option) is that it WORKS. Because, who wants to walk around with their arms clamped to their sides all day, worried about what stink might arise if you lift your arms? No one.

Enter Each & Every, a deodorant line founded on the principle that everyone deserves to feel good about the products they put on their bodies, without compromise. But it’s not just this mission that makes Each & Every stand out: It’s the brand’s origin. Founded by a former Proctor & Gamble scientist (Mikah Coffindaffer) and brand manager (Lauren Lovelady), this vegan deo is made from simple, clean ingredients that work. The co-founders tapped into world-class science, research and ingredient sourcing to develop a quality product with nothing to hide. They threw out ingredients traditionally used to make deodorants and hand-selected Each & Every one based on its EWG safety profile and ability to deliver odor protection. The result? A natural, vegan, baking-soda free deo that really works. We sat down with Lauren to learn more.

When you land on the Each & Every homepage, you’re immediately greeted with a list of what your deodorant does NOT contain. Why is that the most important piece of info to convey to potential customers?

We want our consumers to immediately take away that Each & Every is safe to use. By listing the common ingredients that we know most people are looking to avoid, we hope that consumers will have peace of mind that our deodorant checks the boxes they’re looking for.

But it’s not just about what’s NOT in the product. We believe that Each & Every ingredient matters and that includes everything that IS in the product. We are committed to ingredient transparency, safety and performance, and want people to feel good about the products they use on their body.

Why did you go the no baking soda route? What are you using instead to help combat stink?

We spent more than a year in development working on the product formula. Excluding baking soda was a very intentional choice because it can cause irritation for some people. It’s a common ingredient in natural deodorants because of its recognizability and its odor-fighting abilities, but can cause irritation due to the acidity of your skin combined with the alkaline nature of the baking soda. We instead use dead sea salt to control odor because it is also a great natural odor fighter and can be gentler on skin.

Your deos are also vegan—why that choice and how did that impact formulation?

The vegan community is really underserved when it comes to great beauty product options. There has been great progress over the last couple of years, but there are animal products lurking in all kinds of ingredients—from fragrance to dyes and other raw materials. We decided to pursue vegan ingredients because we believe it’s more earth friendly and gives people a healthier choice so that they don’t have to compromise their beliefs to get great products.

Your line is EWG verified, a high standard when it comes to ingredient and product safety. Why did you choose that certification?

Navigating labels can be confusing. It’s hard to know what an ingredient actually is and whether it’s safe to use. And no one has time to search every single ingredient on a package to determine if it’s safe to use on your body. We loved EWG’s approach to assessing ingredient safety and displaying health/hazard scores in their skin deep app. It took the guesswork out of understanding ingredients and gave us a guide for developing our formula. The EWG verified certification provides people with quick reassurance that the products are safe and full of clean, transparent ingredients.

In my personal experience, natural deodorants’ effectiveness can vary depending on how your personal scent combines with the scent in the deo. How can consumers figure out the best scent for them?

Our formula is designed to work for all and our scents are designed to be genderless, so it really comes down to personal preference. We offer a Discovery Set on our site that has a miniature version of all of our scents so that you can try them all before committing to a full size. It also makes a great gift!

What else do consumers need to know about your deos?

Switching to natural products doesn’t have to be stressful! We consider our deodorant the “worry free” deodorant because you can have peace of mind that it’s safe to use and peace of mind that it actually works!

Want to know more about natural deos? Check out our guide to choosing one for you.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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