Beyond Green Beauty: SkinOwl Skincare Founder Launches Podcast and Supper Club

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While many brand founders dream of the day when powerhouse retailers like Target or Sephora come knocking, for SkinOwl founder Annie Tevelin, keeping things small and authentic—think her dedicated team of three—is a dream come true. Not only is she able to oversee her beloved skincare formulations, but she’s also able to retain the intimacy of her brand, which helps her dig deeper into herself, and her customers. Though she may not be interested in expanding her distribution to mass market, Annie is looking beyond her SkinOwl skincare brand to create a podcast and supper club to uplift and inspire others.

“Over the last year, it has dawned on me that I don’t want to go the Target or Sephora route,” Annie recently told Beauty Independent.“I don’t want to sell my company in two years, and I don’t need to make millions. I’d rather have a small team and work with small, special experiences.” Though she was flattered that her brand caught the attention of one retailer in particular, she listened to her gut and made a decision that, in the end, was freeing. “Just because I’ve created a skincare brand that caught the attention of Anthropologie, one of the biggest, most integrity-based retailers in the world, which, whoa, was awesome,” Annie admitted, “didn’t mean I needed to do it. Once I told myself I don’t need to grow that way, I felt relief.”

Now that she’s not bogged down by mass distribution or trying to sell her brand to investors, Annie can turn her focus to passion projects that are growing SkinOwl into a lifestyle brand. To that end, Annie launched Parliament Project, a dinner series based in Los Angeles that brings together 18 thought leaders, entrepreneurs and more to eat, drink, reflect and participate in breakout sessions for 90 minutes. The sessions help attendees dive deep and discover things about themselves, and other attendees. 

In addition, Annie has launched her “Off the Record” podcast, which celebrates honest conversation and the vulnerability that allows for meaningful connection. So far, she’s had featured guests like fellow green beauty formulator Josh Rosebrook, and Thoughtfully Magazine’s founder and creative director Brandie Gilliam, among others. 

Proof that authenticity resonates, both the podcast and the dinner series are growing in popularity—and we look forward to watching this “small” brand with a big heart continue to touch lives in myriad positive ways.


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Amy Flyntz

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