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Image courtesy of @mantraband.

Book Club: Finding Your Mantra With Aysel Gunar

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The power of mantra can’t be underestimated—changing the way you think helps to change the way you act. Releasing old, negative narratives and replacing them with positive affirmations can inspire and empower your life. And that’s the mission of Aysel Gunar, founder of MantraBand and author of the new book Find Your Mantra.

The book, which includes 75 mantras for the modern era, is meant to inspire confidence, inner strength and peace. It helps you capitalize on each of the mantras with exercises and guided meditations that support the mantras’ manifestations. Its guidance is wide-ranging, and Aysel’s strong and comforting voice comes through each page. The book is a great tool to promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and mindfulness. We sat down to chat with Aysel before the release of the book, to hear a little more about her motivation and intention for Find Your Mantra.

I love having a whole book focused on mantras land  on my desk! Why is this concept important to you personally?

I’ve used mantras and affirmations for years to help me deal with anxiety and difficult times, as well as to motivate me. I also have seen the power of positive affirmations in my children’s lives. The way we talk to and about ourselves, and how we think really do shape our reality.

Your book is such a practical guide to mantra use, with lines to recite, things to picture or do with your body, and the benefits of specific mantras. I haven’t seen mantras presented so easily before! How do you hope having this book at their fingertips will help people change their lives?

Thank you! I see the book and its message being used to inspire, motivate and empower when you need it. Maybe you need a certain reminder, or just want to open a page to be inspired—it’s a special book filled with good vibes and positivity that will brighten your day.

Your company, MantraBand, engraves mantras on jewelry so you can take your mantra with you everywhere. How does having your mantra close help to break negative thought patterns?

Our pieces serve as gentle reminders of what’s important to the wearer. If you find yourself falling into negative thinking patterns, looking at a MantraBand with the message “Choose Joy” can remind you that, more often than not, choosing how you feel is in your hands. Or, when you want to make an effort to be more present in your life, a reminder that says “Live In The Moment,” or “Be Here Now” can help bring you back to the present moment.

What benefits to mantras have you seen in your own life?

I wear my MantraBands to manage stress and anxiety, to motivate me, to stay calm in stressful situations, to focus and to stay present as much as I can. I started MantraBand with five mantras, the ones I needed the most in my life seven years ago. If you look at mantras that I slowly added to
the collection, you can almost read my story in them—if I needed a certain reminder, I made a band for that, and I still do.

Any personal tips for using mantras you want to share with us?

When you face a challenge or want to accomplish something, think of the advice you would give a friend facing the same situation, or a reminder you need to help you overcome this challenge. For example, I’m stressed because I have an exam coming up. The mantra I would use in this situation is “I’ve got this, I’ve done it before, I can do it again.” It instantly makes me feel better so I can stop worrying and get to doing things that will help me do better in this exam.

You can snag Aysel’s book on pre-order until its release on September 10, 2019. Interested in other books for your wellness? Read our full Book Club recommendations.

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