Books to Read Now: Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas

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This week, W.E.L.L. Summit speaker and Oprah Super Soul Honoree Latham Thomas released her new book, Own Your Glow. The bestselling author, national speaker and celebrity wellness maven is already garnering acclaim from celebs like Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union and India.Arie. InStyle Magazine has named it one of 9 books that will help you finish the year off strong, while Cosmopolitan and People are also featuring it as a must-read. From the first page, she had us hooked to the point of ordering 25 more copies to give out as gifts to our nearest and dearest.

Latham has been wooing us with her velvety voice, deeply grounded, old-soul wisdom and sage, enriching energy since she delivered the keynote talk to W.E.L.L. Summit attendees in 2015. There is honestly nothing like sitting in this woman’s presence while she intones her enchanting, soothing and uplifting words—something the W.E.L.L. Summit tribe will once again have the chance to experience in November.

Why we love this book: W.E.L.L. Summit was created on the founding principles of wellness, empowerment, learning and luxury. This book embodies them all. It has three sections, called Portals: Evoke, Ignite and Embody. Each section guides the reader to consider and uplift all the areas of her life—from the thoughts she carries, to her work-play balance, to the space she inhabits, to how she moves through the world.

It varies from the tangible (Latham shares her recipe for bath bombs) to the intangible (she discusses “wombifesting,” her version of the culturally popular “manifesting”). Similarly, she invites us to consider our external and internal—from how we interact with others and the words we speak to them (even when they are about ourselves), to the thoughts that replay in our heads when we look in the mirror; from how to attract empowered mentorship, to reminders that the reader should speak affirmations to herself while moisturizing her skin after bathing.

In Latham’s own words, this book is about, “embracing your unique feminine edge, using self-care as a pathway to empowerment and standing tall on a pedestal you built for yourself. It’s about women reclaiming their bodies as sacred and uncovering their unique brand of magic. Own Your Glow is an elixir, a formula for standing in your truth to design a life worthy of YOU. There is a sensual, textured, prescriptive, grown-ass woman-ness that laces the book. It’s a calling to all women to awaken the divine and tap into our power source.”

We believe this book is the perfect companion for the woman on the rise—and as the W.E.L.L. Summit woman is always on the rise, this book is her one-woman, superpower toolkit to empower, support and uplift her along the way.

You can order the book from your local indie bookstore or from Amazon, and you will have two chances to join Latham in-person this autumn: At the W.E.L.L. Summit in NYC on November 3-4, and on October 8 in Boston for an intimate Author Chat.

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