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Boston Bosses: Meet Hanneke Antonelli of Hanneke Antonelli Life Coaching

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Balanced Hustle is launching a monthly panel series for bad-ass entrepreneurial woman who want to connect and meet like-minded people. We’re digging deeper than traditional networking events and connecting a strong community of Boston women. Each week, we will be featuring Boston Bosses in the community and asking the hard questions and getting insights that will help you succeed.

Hanneke is an award-winning and certified coach with over 15 years of international business experience. She has personally built two award-winning businesses in the last ten years. Hanneke transitioned from her sales job on Wall Street, where she negotiated billion-dollar deals, to her dream job building a flexible business that would allow her the freedom to visit her family in South Africa whenever she wanted. Hanneke couples her business degree with her Wall Street sales experience, as well as a decade in entrepreneurship and coaching certification to help business owners build sustainable and profitable companies while transforming them into confident CEOs, experiencing more ease and joy! When she’s not: planning/attending the next business retreat for clients; or have her nose in a self-development book, you’ll find her walking her six-pound multi-poo, Khaleesi, around her neighborhood with her hubby or in the garden tending to her plants.

How many years have you been in business?


What is the problem you’re solving?

I help transform overwhelmed and overworked business owners into confident CEOs, scaling business faster, while working less and earning more.

Who’s your customer?

Multiple six- and seven figure business owners who are craving more joy, ease and profits

Why are you different?

I’m a certified and award-winning business coach with over 15 years of business experience (which includes working in finance in London and Wall Street, in NYC) and a business degree. I also have first-hand experience building, not one, but two award-winning businesses.

What is your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest business challenge was my mindset and the pressure I was putting on myself to be and create something exceptional. When I started my first business, I didn’t have a daily mindset practice. I tried to get to the next level of business, implementing ALL THE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, and I was looking for the magic bullet. The thing is – there isn’t one; to achieve the massive success you want and deserve, you have to work on your thoughts and beliefs DAILY, and you have to know all the ways you’re sabotaging yourself. When I finally had my come-to-Jesus moment with this, and yes, I had to hire a business coach to help me have this moment – everything shifted.

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Do business YOUR WAY.

What advice would you give to an inspiring entrepreneur?

It takes a village – don’t be scared to invest money to bring your idea to life. There is no better bet or investment than betting on and investing in yourself. And be sure to work on your success mindset, ALWAYS.

Interested in hearing more from other Boston Bosses? Come to our second Balanced Hustle Event on April 6th. 

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