Photo courtesy of MSNBC.com.
Photo courtesy of MSNBC.com.

California Baby Formulates New Plant-Based Preservative for Its Natural Products

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California Baby, the natural skincare product line retailed at health food stores, Target, Walmart and other stores across the U.S. and the globe, has recently developed a new plant-based preservative for its products, changing the way natural products preserve their shelf life.

The groundbreaking preservative is made from plants such as basil and anise, which are grown in Santa Barbara, California, on an organic, 100-acre farm. Currently, California Baby is working on reformulating its products to incorporate this new preservative.

So why is this a big deal? Many brands, from conventional to natural, rely on preservatives to prevent bacteria growth in personal care product that contain water. But some of those preservatives have been linked to health concerns, like skin, eyes and lungs irritation, and possible organ system toxicity. An all-natural preservative that can be produced and scaled effectively has so far been elusive in the natural products industry.

Jessica Iclisoy, founder of California Baby, told Organic Authority that the new preservative was a long time in the making: She spent five and a half years and nearly $10 million developing it. “Our new preservative system is not a drop-in solution. Our preservative system is formula- and process-dependent in addition to active botanical extracts,” Jessica said.

Earning the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Certified Biobased Product label, the new preservative is certified that is made of 100 percent plant-based renewable source content.  “We applaud California Baby’s innovative approach to developing a bio-based formula that will still adequately preserve children’s skincare products,” said Environmental Working Group (EWG) President Ken Cook.

The reformulation will begin with the California Baby Everyday Lotion products, and will be available this winter at Target, Walmart and other locations across the country, and also retailed on the California Baby website.


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