Choose to Live Lighter This Earth Day With These 10 Sustainable Living Picks

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Our first wish for you on Earth Day is to get outside—immersing yourself in nature is not only grounding, but it also can help restore a connection to the planet that we lose on days we’re stuck behind a computer. By rebuilding that connection, we start to see how Earth Day can be a great reminder of the everyday choices we can make to contribute to a better world.

For Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot, it’s about living lighter. “Living lighter is how I think about approaching a less wasteful lifestyle,” she says. “There is an amazing zero-waste movement happening all over the world that is so exciting to watch and be a part of. But, for most, the words ‘zero-waste’ feel unattainable and maybe a little off-putting. Living lighter feels more approachable and attainable, as if it’s something we can all do.”

And she’s right—simply being more conscious of how and what we consume on a daily basis, from the food we eat to the products we buy, helps to streamline our lives, and free up mental space that we can channel into other areas. Plus, she says, it helps us focus on bringing into our lives what we love most. “[Living lighter isn’t] a sacrifice; it’s a pathway to more luxury and a lifestyle that feels really good,” Jeannie says. “My mantra is ‘Live Lighter. Love More.’ And I try to focus on all the ways that living lighter helps me love my life more. Focus on the love.”

To that end, Jeannie has curated a limited edition Beauty Heroes Box that can jump-start your path to living lighter. The box is in the vein of the mission that she founded Beauty Heroes on: to deliver products that are truly healthy in a focused and intentional way. “[That way], we could be connected to what we are using on our skin and bodies, and have a better overall experience with what we consumed so we would consume less that we love more,” says Jeannie. “This collection is very true to my original inspiration for Beauty Heroes.”

10 Sustainable Living Picks to Help You Live Lighter

Beauty Heroes’ beautifully packaged and thoughtfully curated Living Lighter Box is stocked with eight products Jeannie selected herself. Here’s why each one made the cut.

  1. Limited Edition Strawsleeves Utensil Kit: “I rarely leave home without my utensil kit because eating with bamboo cutlery is so much sexier than eating with cheap plastic cutlery. Once you try it, you will get hooked. These cases were hand-sewn in Northern California from organic cotton and hemp. They are so chic and portable, I just love them.”
  2. Limited Edition “Live Lighter. Love More.” Glass Straw: “I love sipping through glass straws and I always carry three in my utensil case so I can share them when I go out. It took me a long time to remember to tell my server that I don’t want a straw with my iced tea. I’ve learned to tell them why, and then there’s a better chance they will remember to skip the straw when they bring my drink.”
  3. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick (Grapefruit): “This Meow Meow Tweet deodorant formula is one of our top-selling deodorants at Beauty Heroes. I love it for its fresh, unisex citrus scent and baking-soda free formula. The packaging is a compostable tube that completely biodegrades. It’s hard to fathom how many plastic deodorant tubes I’ve gone through in my 40+ years on earth, but no more. I hope that once people discover how great this deodorant is, it will become their Hero product too.”
  4. Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm (Sweet Orange Tangerine): “This Meow Meow Tweet vegan lip balm is so good. Beyond the compostable packaging, the formula is rich and long-lasting, and the diameter of this lip balm has great surface area. I just had to share it!”
  5. Honua Skincare ‘Olena Oil: “This really is an everything oil that can be used on men, women and teenage skin, as well as any type of inflammation. Honua (which means ‘earth’ in Hawaiian) is one of my favorite Blue Beauty brands that works with farmers in Hawaii to farm sustainably and replenish farm land that has been depleted from over-development. The minimal glass and compostable cardboard packaging are beautiful and lighter on the planet.”
  6. Davids Toothpaste (New Charcoal Flavor): I love that Davids makes a toothpaste that has wide appeal that is packaged in a more sustainable aluminum tube. Beyond that, it’s made domestically in the United States. Their new whitening charcoal formula just launched, and it’s so good, I was so happy that it launched in time to include in this collection. Davids is an easy swap from traditional chemical-laden toothpastes that come in plastic for the whole family to enjoy.
  7. Mable (2 Bamboo Toothbrushes): Plastic toothbrushes are one of the most common items that are found on our beaches and floating in our oceans (alongside plastic straws), and there is absolutely no reason why they need to be plastic. I fell in love with Mable’s design that can sit on your counter top rather than in a toothbrush cup. You can buy different colors for family members sharing a bathroom and there’s even a kids’ size. Mable is a one-for-one company that delivers toothbrushes to schools to teach the importance of ditching the plastic.
  8. Lucky Teeth (Refillable Vegan Charcoal Floss): “If you have yet to discover refillable dental floss, let me tell you, it’s life changing. And this floss from Lucky Teeth is my favorite of every floss I’ve tried. The little glass jar holds a spool of floss that you replace about once a month. It takes up a lot less space and looks great in my bathroom. And it’s infused with tea tree and peppermint—it’s upped my floss game.”
  9. Give a Sh*t (by Ashlee Piper): “I met Ashlee last year at WELL Summit and found her to be funny, real and so smart. At the time, I bought her book to support her, but when I took it home, I couldn’t put it down. I learned so much from Ashlee. She makes Living Lighter feel attainable because she breaks down how to do the things you want to do, while also making you understand why you/we must give a shit! This is definitely not a boring read, and I feel like including this book in this collection makes it even more empowering. Somehow she makes a book about shifting your lifestyle a feel-good book.”
  10. Saalt Menstrual Cups (2 Cup Set of Both Sizes): “I was very late to the menstrual cup party. I joined it a little year ago, and when I did, I felt like I had been missing out on the best kept secret for women. Using a menstrual cup is the most effective and efficient way to manage my period and I am happy to say I am never buying another tampon or pad! It took me about three months to get the hang of it. Unlike most menstrual cups that are made in China, Saalt manufactures their cups in California and are really great quality. In addition, they have a great customer success team that you can write in to, or join their face book support for support in getting used to the cup. I want women everywhere to know about it, and join the party.”

While this Living Lighter box is a great way to begin your journey to sustainability, Jeannie says it’s about more than that. “If I take all the rational reasons and importance [of sustainability] away, I can say that operating more sustainably actually just feels good. When we think about how we arrived to where we are as a human community, we have made all of these concessions for convenience that I don’t think actually make us feel any better.” We use plastic instead of glass or wood; we eat food that’s been packaged and processed. Those (sometimes) time-saving, efficient methods aren’t always in line with living and feeling well.

She says she looks at the ways we can live lighter on the planet as opportunities to trade up. “It’s an everyday practice for me,” Jeannie says, “a series of mini-challenges. I put this collection of products together that I love. They are my Hero products that have helped me live lighter in my day-to-day life.”

Interested in finding other sustainable swaps? Check out our top five clean beauty picks.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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