How to Choose a Personal Mantra + Use It to Ignite Your Magic, Says Satya Scainetti

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Choosing a personal mantra can be empowering—but what if you don’t really understand what it is, or how to use one? For Satya Scainetti, founder of the yoga-inspired brand Satya Jewelry and the children’s charity The Satya Foundation, using mantras is an integral part of her daily spiritual practice. She believes that using mantras can not only help you manifest what you’re seeking, but can also help unlock the all-knowingness that lives within each of us. Here, she demystifies how to choose your mantra, and how best to use it to ignite your magic. (Hint: It’s easier than you think!)

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For those of our readers not familiar with a personal mantra, what is it, and how do you choose one?

Satya Scainetti: A mantra is a positive affirmation you can use in prayer and meditation—or anytime in between. It should be something positive you’re trying to invoke within you. Mantras can be something along the lines of “I am all that I can be now” —anything that feels true when you speak it. I like mantras that begin with “I am” because they resonate deeply as truth. You end up speaking it into existence.

 When do you use your personal mantras?

I walk to work and use my mantras! I also love having mantras I can say on the subway; I just put my earbuds in and meditate with a mantra. When you do this, you can let your mantra sit within you, and carry those beautiful words through you as you move about your day. Allow your mantra to ignite something within you—it can set the tone for your entire day!

I actually don’t get out of bed without saying my favorite longer mantra; I find it resonates in my body and mind, and resurfaces throughout the day.


Satya Scainetti. Photo courtesy of Satya Jewelry.

 Do you always use the same mantra, or does it change depending on what’s going on in your life? 

I believe in a 40-day meditation or mantra; 40 days is significant because it’s what sages and yogis, Buddha and Jesus Christ have done. 40 days is also what’s needed to created a change. If you commit to using a mantra for 40 days, you’ll find it shifts the vibration within you to foster that change you’re seeking, and will help to ignite something in your soul.

So often, people will tell me that right around the 40 day mark, the change they’ve been seeking will reveal itself. Whether you’re igniting a part of yourself that has long been dormant or something outside of you has been drawn toward you, I think you’ll find it works. The only caveat is that if you miss a day, you must start over. The level of commitment matters here. You have to want what you’re manifesting bad enough to do it every day for 40 days, so even if you get to day 38 and miss a day, it’s back to the beginning to allow your all-knowingness to be ignited!

What goes into choosing a mantra? Does it start with intention, what you want to manifest or a certain word that keeps popping up on your radar?

In my first yoga training, we were asked to pick a mantra: What is something you’re needing or wanting to create? Your intention should come from your greatest good. Go into it without attachment. What I mean is, you may want your mantra to speak to a very specific desire that looks a certain way. But trust the Universe; you may receive something that doesn’t look exactly like what you’ve been seeking, but it can be just as good or even better than you imagined! 

Photo courtesy of Satya Jewelry.

How should we begin to use mantras? Do you have any mantras to help start us with our practice? 

Everyone is on such a different life path, and your mantras can change depending on where you are in life. We just need to be reminded of our individual magic and power; mantras awaken who we really are. There are so many aspects of your true self to awaken! 

Some mantras that can help you get started are:

I ignite that creative goddess within me.

I have love surrounding me in my life.

I ignite that part of me that is the creator, the mother, the goddess, creator of life.

Do you have a mantra you return to repeatedly? If so, can you share it with us? 

I love Lakshmi-centered mantras—she’s the goddess of abundance and prosperity—that speak to spiritual life, friendship and wisdom: I ignite that beautiful goddess within me that is creative and all knowing, or, I ignite the many aspects of the goddess within me. One of my very favorites is in Sanskrit, Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha, which speaks to true abundance in all aspects of life. 

Do you have any final tips on incorporating mantras into our daily lives?

Verbalizing your mantra, speaking it aloud and repeating it, is powerful. Feel the vibration of the mantra on your lips pay attention as it reverberates through your body. I think you’ll find that the more you invoke your mantra, the more powerful you’ll feel!

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