Well Insiders Editorial Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to w.e.l.l. insiders, where we cover wellness from a 360-degree perspective for the everyday, modern woman. That means we cover all aspects of the wellness world, from recipes, fitness and ethical living to green beauty, mindfulness and body positivity. We make holistic health accessible by breaking down the latest trends and helping separate the newest, shiniest thing from the tried-and-true ways we can truly take charge of our wellness to become brighter versions of ourselves and change the landscape around us. We work with writers of all backgrounds, across the world, to elevate your wisdom to share with our far-reaching community.

The Process:

We welcome your contributions! Your knowledge is valuable and we enjoy sharing a diversity of perspectives. Once you’ve submitted your work, our editorial team will work with you to polish your writing and sharpen your message (by submitting, you accept our editorial process and any edits our team deems necessary). We read every submission we receive but we are a small staff and can’t respond to every email. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 14 days. Add your expertise to the w.e.l.l. insiders tribe!

Things to Consider As You Write:

What Works for WI: Spend a little time on our site to get to know the w.e.l.l. insiders voice. We like informative, tightly written pieces that give tangible action steps for our audience, or knowledge that they might not have heard before. Think shareable info you’d want to send to your best friends!
Use Your Expertise: Write about what you know. Are you a meditation teacher or a nutritionist? Bring that expert knowledge to the forefront to share with our community.
Be Unique: Please only submit posts that will be original to w.e.l.l. insiders. Content must not be published elsewhere (including a personal blog) or slated to be published on other sites.
Be Specific: If you’re mentioning a statistic or study, make sure to include a link to that source. We ask that all health claims be sourced, to ensure accuracy and promote knowledge in our community. If you claim a food is healthy or a meditation practice is good for your brain, share how you know that. We encourage you to link to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals and/or credible news outlets. Please put relevant links in brackets: [https://wellinsiders.com/5-reasons-your-pet-is-good-for-wellness/]
Write Tight: Are you grabbing the reader’s attention with your first sentence? Does your first paragraph give the reader a clear description of what the article is about?

Ready to Submit?

Send submissions to contribute@wellinsiders.com. Written content should be between 500 and 1000 words, with a little flexibility for us to determine final length.
Put the title of your piece in the subject line and the full text of your article in the body of the email.
Please attach at least one high-quality photo that represents your article.
Please include a bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages, in brackets: [https://www.instagram.com/wellinsiders/].
Please attach a high-resolution headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.

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