Easy Ways to Arrive to Your Next Travel Destination Feeling Fresh

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Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, it can be tricky to arrive to your destination feeling fresh and ready to go. Jet lag is real, and even if you’re not crossing multiple time zones, traveling can leave you lethargic. But grabbing a venti iced coffee isn’t the best solution to that post-trip lull. Next time you’re leaving on a jet plane (or in a car), consider utilizing the power of essential oils to do the heavy lifting of keeping you refreshed and prepped for whatever your travel brings.

Linette Carrriere, Saje Natural Wellness product and sales trainer, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist and personal chef, says, “Crossing multiple time zones can disrupt our body’s rhythm causing feelings of fatigue, insomnia, headaches and disorientation. However, Saje has developed key travel tips and products to help people feel their best—whether at home or on the go.”

During Your Flight or Car Ride

Think about bringing a mist that includes lavender and lemon for your transportation routine. Lavender, Linette says, is one of, if not the most versatile of all essential oils because it has a “powerful ability to adapt to the body’s needs. For example, it helps calm mental/emotional state and works directly on muscles to naturally relax them and help bodily restlessness.” Lemon is also a great travel companion, as it “serves to activate concentration,” says Linette.

Saje’s Arrive Revived Travel Mist has both lavender and lemon, to “energize and refresh on-the-go,” says Linnette. The balancing blend will leave you feeling revitalized, no matter what time zone you’re in. It also contains niaouli, which is supportive of good health. Says Linette, “By creating a barrier between the traveler and airborne bacteria, niaouli offers gentle nudge to the immune system in our bodies.” She says to close your eyes and mist above your head while taking a deep, full breaths to inhale the energizing effects.

Once You’ve Arrived At Your Destination

After you’ve spritzed yourself during your travel, you’ll want to maintain your health while you’re flitting around your destination, be it for work or play. Linette suggests something with lavender (there’s that powerhouse again), pine and tea tree, all of which are gently antibacterial, and can help stave off sickness.

The Saje Clean Hands Cleansing Lotion utilizes all three of those essential oils, and adds in patchouli and thyme leaves to soothe skin and leave hands feeling invigorated. Says Linette, “This natural cleansing lotion offers protection while traveling. The natural moisturizer gently protects the skin while hydrating upon application with the help of shea, lavender and tea tree.”

For Anytime, Anywhere

Want a little kit you can use during travel or when you need a little pick me up during any day? Saje’s Little Wellness Bag is an on-the-go kit that “helps you find balance and wellness,” says Linette. She suggests carrying it with you throughout the day to take care of whatever troubles come your way.

Inside the bag are a few powerhouse blends that support you in a myriad of ways:

  1. Gutzy Massage Blend: “While traveling, our bodies are exposed to new ingredients that can be hard on the stomach. Both fennel and chamomile essential oils have been used traditionally to provide comfort to the tummy making it a must-have for your carry-on,” says Linette. Apply it onto your palm and rub directly on the stomach while you’re in the air or once you’ve landed. You can also use it at mealtimes for comfort when you want it most; it’s ideal for digesting unappetizing airplane food.
  2. Peppermint Halo: This blend “lifts the mood and soothes the body; it’s perfect for applying right before you get off the plane, as it leaves the body revitalized and energized,” says Linette. She suggests applying as you want to your entire hairline, which creates the product’s namesake “halo effect.” For extra cooling and relaxation, apply to neck and shoulders.
  3. Cleanse Purifying Oil Blend: This blend help you hit reset, says Linette. “Roll onto your skin directly during the flight to refresh or use 10 drops in a bath to unwind after a long flight. To create a sense of pre or post-flight revitalization, apply several drops around forehead,” she continues. It can also be applied under chin, behind ears and on wrists.


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Nicolle Mackinnon

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