Eat Up, NYC! 3 Organic Meal Delivery & Takeout Lunch Options You’ll Love

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New York may be the city that never sleeps, but one thing is for sure: New Yorkers love their food—and they really love it when it’s convenient, delicious and healthy. Luckily, ordering an organic meal option is easier than ever, thanks to three companies that have arrived (and are thriving!) on the scene. Wherever you eat your lunch these days (hunch over in your cubicle? hey, we get it), you’ll want to get to know these companies for their dedication, innovation and delectable healthy food options. Oh, and bonus? With home delivery and pick-up options, getting your organic meal fix is easier than ever. 

Photo courtesy of Corner Harvest.

Corner Harvest

Founded by Erin Jerde, Corner Harvest delivers meals in a jar to 10 or more people in Fairfield, Connecticut, and New York City. The pre-packed salads are layered in clear jars for optimal aesthetic impact, but it’s what’s inside that will have your healthy heart pitter-pattering: Vegetarian and gluten-free options abound, with free-range grilled chicken available, as well. These salads from Corner Harvest are the ideal option to combat that nodding-off-in-that-important-meeting thing—for everyone around the table.

Photo courtesy of Provenance Meals.

Provenance Meals

Provenance Meals is an organic meal delivery service based in Brooklyn and delivering throughout the greater NYC area to commercial and residential addresses. Offering prepared meals designed “by wellness experts and health-supportive chefs to nourish your body,” you can choose from customizable meal plans or detox programs featuring gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free food. Provenance Meals offers vegan, vegetarian and omnivore-friendly cuisine delivered to you in recyclable, compostable containers in reusable totes, with a promise to donate extra meals to those in need.

Sweet Green photo courtesy of Well + Good.

Sweet Green

Since 2007, Sweet Green has been committed to serving up “simple, seasonal, healthy food”—along with a transparent food supply chain that supports local farmers, and storefronts that embrace the history and feel of the neighborhoods in which they’re located. Offering sustainable food—from meats to vegetables—prepared simply and deliciously, Sweet Green will have you falling in love with what’s local to New York, in the season in which it naturally grows. Pop into one of their ever-growing locations or order online for a quicker pick up, and infuse your day with fuel and flavor.

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Amy Flyntz

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