Full Moon AND Summer Solstice? A 5-Step, 15-Minute Practice to Plant Seeds of Intention and Get a Megaboost of Support from Nature

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Today is both the Summer Solstice and a full moon—a powerful combination that won’t happen again until 2062! That’s right! This conjunction of creative energy in nature is the perfect time to set some time aside for reflection and plant new seeds of intention in your life. Wondering how? We asked Sara DiVello, an acclaimed yoga teacher and best-selling author for a 15-minute practice to take advantage of today’s power.

1. Seek Solitude

Set aside some time for solitude. Maybe it’s a corner and a cup of tea at your home when you can find some quiet, maybe it’s a nearby greenspace, maybe it’s somewhere else just speaks to you. Wherever it is, silence your phone, set your timer for 5 minutes, and close your eyes.

2. Get Grounded

Take 3 deep breaths. On each inhale, consciously think of something that’s weighing on you—to-do lists, annoyances, expectations—and add a sigh on your exhale as you choose to let it go. Then segue into deep breathing. You can add a mantra—I like, “so hum,” (I am) in concert with your breath.

3. Where in the OM are you and what in the OM’s going on in your life?

Grab your journal, a notebook, or the nearest piece of paper. Spend 5 minutes journaling. What’s going in your life right now? If the saying, “Where attention goes, energy flows,” is true, where is your energy flowing right now? What’s soaking up your attention? Is it where you want it to be?

4. Cultivate Consciously

I often look to the wisdom of nature for guidance. I love to grow fruit, veggies, and herbs in my urban garden and right now is a time of abundant growth—little seedlings are getting huge and tiny little veggies are starting to bloom. This is THE season for growth outside and within. So… what do you want to grow in your life? What do you want to bring into or increase in your life? What do you want to nurture in your life? And what do you want to weed out? Write it allllllll down.

5. Set Your Intentions and Sow Your Seeds

You don’t have to do it all and you sure shouldn’t try to do it all right now. Set 3 goals for yourself over the summer. Make sure they’re clear and do-able. Write them down on a new sheet. “My Summer Intentions Are…”

In eastern/yogic thought, you’re not responsible for doing everything yourself. You’re just one human (one powerful, awesome human…but still just one little human), which is why eastern/yogic philosophy takes a friendlier more partnership-based approach. In keeping with this approach, after you set your goals, sit in quiet reflect for 3-5 minutes, palms up on your knees and commit to your intentions. Then ask the Universe to step in and meet you halfway. Again, this is a partnership so don’t be shy. Breath deeply, ask humbly, and let these intentions and sense of partnership settle into your bones. Gently open your eyes.

This is the very beginning of the work we’ll be doing in my “Where in the OM Am I 2.0: Taking the First Step to Your Most Fulfilling Life” workshop which I’m leading at the W.E.L.L. Summit in October. Starting this reflection now is a great way to “warm up” for the W.E.L.L. Summit, but remember too, that another key component of successful transitions and personal evolution is COMMUNITY. Seriously—it’s incredibly important to have support, guidance, mentorship, and a tribe who is equally committed to living this more-meaningful, more-conscious lifestyle in a world that may not “get you.” If you were at the Summit in November 2015 in Boston, you know exactly what I mean. And if you’re seeking a community like that, WELLcome home.

I’m passionate about this work, so comment below with any questions or thoughts! Happy Summer Solstice! Now go celebrate with a treat—for me, that would probably be coconut ice cream because nothing says summer more!


Written by Sara DiVello, an acclaimed yoga teacher and author of the best-selling book, Where in the OM Am I? One Woman’s Journey from the Corporate World to the Yoga Mat, NIEA winner for Best Memoir, selected by Shape Magazine as a best book, and chosen by Working Mother Magazine as one of the top eight memoirs of the year.

Sara teaches and speaks nationally on using yoga tools to find life balance, direction, and fulfillment. She has appeared on CBS and the Huffington Post Live, as well as in Forbes, The New York Times, ABC, CNBC, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Herald, USA Today, Boston Magazine and many more. Her articles have appeared in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Woman’s Day and more.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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