I Tried a Self-Care Kit Designed to Support Busy Moms—And Here’s What Happened

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With deadlines, mothering responsibilities, health ups and downs, relationships to nurture and the barrage of save-the-dates coming in daily, this time of year is my version of crazy making. I know I’m not alone! Whatever your current reality is or capacity for a crammed schedule, we all need a break sometimes. And if I’ve learned anything from adulting, it’s that I can’t wait for someone else to give me that break. So, when I heard about Naturopathica’s Savor The Moment Set, a collection of holistic beauty products designed to help me, as a mom, get an adult time out, I was in. I tried Naturopathica’s selection amid a stressful week—and here’s what happened.

My Problem: Tired Skin, Brain and Body

“I just need a few minutes to get my brain back” is the phrase that runs through my mind and has become a signal for me to attend to myself. Honestly, it usually doesn’t take much for me to start feeling my thoughts and clarity come trickling back to me. Whether I’m in working mode, mom mode or too scheduled for my best self, I can slip into the automatic mode of caring for everyone else first. I’ve been there more than I want to admit in 2019. With some health setbacks and new practices that I’m trying as well, it’s taken time to sort it all out. I’ve known I needed more breathing and self-care breaks but coming up with new, creative ideas on how to get one has been the struggle.

My Solution: Naturopathic Savor the Moment Mother’s Day Gift Set

When I read about this gift collection designed by Naturopathica for Mother’s Day, all I knew was that it was curated to help me unwind. It came featuring a full-size brightening enzyme peel, a travel size white tea antioxidant mask, a travel size mighty mint rescue cream and two tea sachets to choose from as part of the experience. A break for me is not having to think about what to do, so this seemed like a perfect solution.

I left it on my desk and let it stare at me, daring me to find the right time to indulge. The day after my partner returned from a work trip, I tagged him in as lead parent after breakfast and disappeared with my Naturopathic bag of goodies and my favorite mug filled with hot water.

The Treatment: A Tea Time Ritual or the Skin and Senses

With two tea options, I decided to start my time with Naturopathica’s brew called Skin. As someone who tends to dip tea bags for 10 seconds, tops, because the flavors are usually too intense for my liking, I decided to follow the actual directions. I’m so glad I did! This tea was perfect with the full five-minute steep. I loved the calendula blossoms and red clover blended with lemon and white peony. Naturopathica calls it their refreshing blend, redolent with aromas of grapefruit and blood orange. I agree. It’s aromatic and flavorful, but mellow at the same time. This calming tea was the perfect pairing for my next step, the facial.

Opening the Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel was a treat for my senses. Yum! The smell was all comfort, like warm cherries baked in a buttery crust. This vegan and gluten-free mask went on smooth, no water or mixing, and it didn’t drip or clump while it went to work on my tired skin. I left it on for five minutes while I drank my tea and sat still. While I was sitting in silence, I noticed for the first time that I can hear the birds chirping in my room this time of day. No shame, I told myself, for not having sat long enough to notice them before. It’s good to take breaks, and perhaps those five words will be my new mantra.

When I washed off the peel, my face was baby soft, as if all the tired dead skin had been exfoliated without a lot of effort or steps. I have sensitive skin, and even a little bit of tingling or rubbing can leave my skin blotchy and activated for the day. The peel had brightened and smoothed my skin without those normal side effects.

The antioxidant mask came second with free-radical-fighting white tea, borage seed oil and aloe vera. The cream felt like a smooth, thick layer of hydrating lotion. For 10 minutes, I leaned back on my pillow. The time went so fast that I let it go for another 10. The only thing I noticed besides my face feeling fine (and the birds chirping) was how dry the rest of my body seemed in comparison. I kept contemplating how quickly my face was feeling refreshed and wondered what it would be like if my hands and feet felt the same? When my timer went off, I made a mental note to Google “full body masks” because I wanted this feeling everywhere.

Naturaopathica’s formulators and curators read my mind. Just as I was noticing the state of my overall dryness compared to my face, the very next product to use was the Mighty Mint Rescue Cream. Little did I know it was specifically designed to soothe achy feet and ease tension headaches. This multi-tasking remedy came to my rescue. Their formula has peppermint oil, horse chestnut and shea butter for a non-greasy cream that soaked right in and left me head to toe soft and refreshed.

To end my time, I decided to have another cup of tea, this time the Stress blend, a mix of lavender, chamomile, linden, oatstraw, holy basil and schizandra. While lavender and chamomile are known for their calming characteristics, the less familiar oatstraw is said to nourish the nervous system and skin, while the holy basil is an adaptogenic used to increase resistance to stress. The tea was just right with another five-minute steep, and whether it calmed me more is hard to say, but my parasympathetic nervous system was most definitely activated.

The Result: Clarity and Next Steps

If you give a mom a minute, she’s going to ask for a cup of tea. And when you give her a cup of tea, she’s going to ask for some cherry pie face peel. Just like the classic circular mouse tale I’ve read to my children a thousand times, one thing leads to another. But truly, when you give yourself a break whether you are boss, mom, co-worker, pet parent, sister or nurturing friend, there are consequences of the good kind. As I sipped my tea, I decided to download that meditation app I’ve meant to try, well, for the last year. Because that’s what a break will do—remind you of what you want. Or at the very least, tell you what you want next.

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Heather Bursch

Heather Bursch

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