Photo courtesy of @corawomen.
Photo courtesy of @corawomen.

I Tried Cora’s Tampon Delivery Service—Was It Worth It?

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Period care is a hot topic in today’s wellness world. We’ve tried menstrual cups, period underwear and more to curb our flow. Heck, we’ve even dived head first into using herbs to treat our PMS. Translation? We’re no strangers to the trendy (and more sustainable) menstrual care options. So, we thought it was time to give a subscription period care service a try. Was it worth it? Read on to find out.

My Problem: I Like Options

Okay, so liking options isn’t really a “problem.” But here’s what I really mean: I’m a huge advocate of Thinx period underwear. I’ve been using them for years and they drastically changed my relationship to my period, after a tilted uterus was causing debilitating cramps on days one and two of my cycle. My doctor told me to stay away from anything I had to insert, which left me with Thinx or super bulky pads that I wasn’t really excited about tossing in a landfill a few times a day.

But, Thinx works for me because I work from home. I can change them during the day if they get too full or if I feel a little wet. I have worn them to yoga and found them to work great, but I probably wouldn’t rely on them to do a Crossfit workout, take cardio dance class or go on a run.

Now that I’ve figured out my uterus issues, I’m back to being able to use tampons and menstrual cups. And Cora‘s subscription service of a plethora of period care options is my new best friend.

Photo courtesy of @corawomen.

My Solution: Cora’s Period Care Delivery Service

Cora, co-founded by WELL Summit speaker and all-around lovely human Molly Hayward, is more than a tampon delivery service—the company is an industry-changer. With its mission to not only deliver period care to women around the world without access to it, but to also get the big box brands to step up their game when it comes to clean, safe ingredients, Cora is an advocacy group.

The brand, which was founded in 2016, but has since snagged partnerships with Target and $36 million in investment, is dedicated to transparency. Their team wants you to know not only what your period care options are, but what’s IN your tampons, pads, body cloths and menstrual cups. Many companies use bleaching agents and toxic chemicals to ensure conventional tampons and pads are bright white when you open them up. Cora not only stays away from toxic ingredients, but it provides full lists of its ingredients and reveals all its ingredients’ sourcing.

That means you can feel confident about what you’re putting on, in and near some of the most delicate skin on your body.

From start to finish, they guide you through a process to determine what products are best for you, and how often you need them. Then, depending on the frequency you choose, you get your sustainable, organic period care delivered right to your door. It couldn’t be easier—or chicer. They’re products are discreetly packaged, and they offer a myriad of choices for concealing your period care while in public (none of “Tampax Secrets” options)

The Result: Happier, Easier Periods

If you use a menstrual cup or period underwear, you’re likely already aware of how easy your cycle can be when you don’t have to worry about running out of tampons or pads. Cora makes using tampons or pads just as easy, with delivery to your door. I loved the selection they provided me after I took their online quiz, and I’ve actually got through three cycles without my tampons running out.

I also love their menstrual cup. I’ve tried five different versions and Cora’s is top notch, easy to insert and seals well, leaving me totally unfazed about it possibly leaking. I’ve also worn their Fearless necklaces a few times—and gotten big compliments!—without anyone knowing what little secret I had stashed inside (an applicator-free tampon, thankyouverymuch).
See? Chic as hell.

The verdict? No matter what type of period care is your jam, Cora has an easy, toxin-free, giving-back way to support you—and women around the world.

Interested in what we thought of using a menstrual cup for the first time? Read all about it—and then check out what we thought of period underwear too.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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