I Tried Energy Healing for Clarity and Direction—And Here’s What Happened

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In this day and age, there are dozens of healing modalities—from acupuncture and massage to Reiki and Qigong. And as a curious soul, I’m willing to try just about anything once.

Energy healing is a piece of the wellness puzzle. While it may sound a little woo woo or “out there,” at the end of the day, energy healing is simply about releasing energy blockages holding you back in order for the body to heal itself. And we could all use a little of that, am I right?

Here’s what happened when I gave energy healing a try—and why I keep going back year after year.

My Problem: Feeling Stuck at Work and Lacking Direction

Several years ago, I was going through a rough patch at work—feeling super burnt out and not myself. Simply put, I felt stuck. And I mean stuck to the point where I was crying to myself on a jam-packed subway, getting takeout Thai almost every night and staying up until midnight answering work emails, all the while contemplating what the heck I was supposed to do to get my life back. I was one hot mess and didn’t feel like my former happy-go-lucky, 20-something self.

When my usual go-tos—including monthly massages, prioritizing sleep and all the lavender essential oil in the world—didn’t cut it, I knew it was time to think outside the box.

The Solution: Booking an Energy Healing Session

That’s when I took my dad’s recommendation to see Katie Tiezzi, an energy healer at Kindred Spirits in Connecticut.

I won’t lie, I was a little weary at first. An energy what? Is she going to know what I’m thinking? What if she tells me something bad is going to happen to me? Mind you, this was at a time in my life when I was new to alternative wellness; aside from the bottle of lavender essential oil at my bedside and the one oracle deck I owned, it was all a little foreign to me.

With that said, I was at wits end with my job so I decided, what do I have to lose?

The Treatment: Identifying Negative Messages and Hands-On Healing

When I walked into Katie’s office the first time, I immediately felt a sense of lightness and ease. Still not sure quite what to expect, I nervously peeked around the room at the celestial décor—a feather wall hanging, some decorative pillows, a few bottles of essential oils and beautiful bright white walls. I immediately felt right at home.

Before I even sat down, messages started coming through from spirit (through Katie) like rapid-fire: my comparison to others being my worst threat, the importance of tapping into the freedom of my childhood and the blunt fact that my “female boss” does not like me (which confirmed my inkling and certainly made me laugh).

“You don’t need her approval, but you do need to follow your own guidance. She has no power over you. You will be in a similar position as her one day, leading in far different ways,” Katie told me.

Notes were flowing, as I sat there in awe of the whole experience; I felt heard, understood and a huge sense of relief.

After about 30 minutes of listening, asking questions and pouring my heart out—which felt like a mini holistic therapy session—it was time for me to get on the massage table for the energy healing portion.

Unlike a massage, you’re fully clothed throughout the healing session, so I slipped off my shoes and hopped on. I melted into the table, as the soft meditative music and birds chirping sang like a lullaby in the background. Katie started by my feet, working her way up with gentle touch and Reiki-like motions.

I then went into a deep state of meditation—envisioning myself twirling through open fields, seeing my grandmother who passed and laughing with my husband surrounded by children. Throughout the session, there were times I became quite emotional, saw bursts of bright colors or felt a cool or warming sensation, depending on the part of my body that was being worked on. I simply allowed myself to feel all the feelings.

When the session was over, I was left with that juicy feeling like after a good massage and I didn’t want to get up. Katie handed me some water, as I slowly made my way up, and we quickly chatted about what came up for me and some next steps.

And then just like that I walked back to my car—back to the real world. Except I was a different person than when I walked in 90 minutes prior; I felt 1,000 times lighter and left all the junk behind that was no longer serving me.

The Result: More Clarity & Sense of Self

Since that eye-opening experience into the world of energy healing, I’ve been back several times for different reasons—from fertility challenges to feeling lost (again). Some folks book sessions weekly, while others like me book once a year.

While my life looks very different now (as Katie hinted at I’m now working for myself and we were recently blessed with a baby girl), whenever I’m feeling stuck or a bit off, I know it’s time to go back. Ironically, this always seems to happen in early spring for me.

Time and time again, I walk away from every session with more clarity and sense of self. It’s also a reminder that you are in charge of your feelings, and we all have the innate ability to tap into our intuition.

As Katie puts it, “Typically, when speaking with people, I am receiving messages from spirit and able to share what comes through. Often times these are messages or ‘prompts’ that the person meeting with me already knows… they are merely reminded. Healing is about remembering who you are.” At the end of the day, energy healing is about being open to receiving these messages—in the session and beyond.

Interested in the science of energy medicine? We love this book, written for the skeptic. We’ve also tried life styling—and here’s what happened.

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Rachel Kaczynski

Rachel Kaczynski

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