Photo courtesy of Thinx.
Photo courtesy of Thinx.

I Tried Thinx Period Underwear—And Here’s What Happened

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By now, you’ve probably heard of Thinx underwear. With its mass appeal tagline, “Underwear for women with periods,” and eye-catching ad campaigns that have featured pieces of fruit in Georgia O’Keefe-inspired arrangements, Thinx hit the ground running, building such buzz upon launch that for a while, I couldn’t score a pair because the styles or sized I wanted were repeatedly sold out. 

Fast forward to now, when I’ve used Thinx for my periods over the last several months. Here’s what happened when I swapped out my trusted tampons for these reusable period panties. 

How Do They Work?

According to Thinx, these underwear are made of  “four bits of tech” that are “anti-microbial, moisture wicking, absorbent, leak-resistant.” With the top layer that sits closest to your skin wicking moisture into the thin layer underneath it, the idea is that blood is absorbed without you feeling like you’re sitting in it, all while keeping bacteria at bay.

What I Wore

Full disclosure: The first two days of my period are heavy. Since I wanted to put Thinx to the ultimate test (i.e., not using a tampon while wearing them), I chose two options that Thinx recommended for heavy days—what their site describes as holding “2 tampons worth.” The Hi-Waist and Hiphugger styles were added to my cart, and by the time my next period rolled around, I was ready to give these absorbent underwear a go.

Snug-fitting but comfortable, both of these styles stayed put all day—no riding up and no wedgies. I love the Hi-Waist because they make me feel like they’re holding in my bloated stomach without that miserable “corset” feeling. Even if the positive effect is all in my head, I’ll take it—PSE (period self-esteem) is real and this woman needs a win where she can get it.

Photo courtesy of Thinx.

How They Held Up

I’ll be honest. I loathe wearing pads because I don’t want to feel blood leaving my body, let alone worrying that it’s not absorbing into the pad (still haven’t gotten over that time in seventh grade where my pad leaked in science class… hello, teenage trauma). But although I still experienced that sensation of bleeding, the underwear felt dry all day. As promised by the Thinx site, I didn’t feel as though I was sitting in blood. And even more importantly, there was no leakage! Not after sitting, standing, walking the dog, running out for coffee, and yes—I even slept in them, only to wake up with sheets free of blood stains.

So, What Do I Think(x)?

As a self proclaimed tampon fan who’s been getting my period long enough to be suspicious of the “next best thing in bleeding,” I didn’t expect to like Thinx, let alone come to depend on them, but these Thinx underwear have made themselves an indispensable part of my period week for the last several months.

After using them on rotation, I’m happy to report that they’ve held up well. I’ve followed the care instructions and my Hiphugger and Hi-Waist styles are just as effective as they were the first time I wore them—no stretching, no reduction in absorption. I now use them as back-up for my tampons on my heaviest days, or for sleeping in at night, simply because I want to avoid that bleeding sensation; however, knowing that Thinx underwear will protect me from the mortification of leaking—and that they’re more environmentally than single-use pads—makes them worth every penny. As it turns out, even a hardened cynic can fall in love with these period panties.

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Amy Flyntz

Amy Flyntz

Amy Flyntz is a Brooklyn-based writer and the founder of Amy Flyntz Copywriting. She spends her days weaving words to woo the masses, reading memoirs (and her horoscope) and snuggling with her rescue dog, Linus. Amy can be reached at www.amyflyntz.com.



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