Photo courtesy of EWG.
Photo courtesy of EWG.

Industry Giant Unilever Says It Will List Its Fragrance Ingredients On Its U.S. Products

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If ever there was proof that consumer demand drives corporate action, the recent announcement by Unilever is it. Unilever, the powerhouse behind such conventional personal care brands as Vaseline, Dove, Axe and Suave will—in a groundbreaking move in the personal care industry—disclose online the fragrance ingredients used in its more than 1,100 beauty and personal care products retailed here in the U.S. 

The disclosure rounds out Unilever’s promise to be transparent with consumers, which began in 2017 with its intention to disclose fragrance ingredients in France and the U.K., and now reaches its U.S.-based customers. “The move builds on the commitment Unilever made last year, to build trust in its brands by providing in-depth product and ingredient information for its home care and beauty and personal care products,” says the Unilever team. 

Why Fragrance Disclosure Matters

The fragrance disclosure is unprecedented because the U.S. does not regulate how fragrances are listed on ingredients panels; rather, there are approximately 5,000 chemicals commonly used to achieve scents or flavors in everyday products, and companies need only list them as “fragrance” or “flavor” on the label. Often, these fragrance compounds can contain ingredients banned in the U.S. or ingredients linked to health concerns.

Now that consumers are demanding more transparency into their products for health and allergy concerns, companies who sell conventional products are taking note. For Unilever, maintaining the trust of their customers was at the center of this decision.

“We are more committed than ever to transparency and building trust in Unilever and our brands,” said Amanda Sourry, president of Unilever North America. “With the completion of our fragrance disclosure initiative, people now have access to more detailed ingredient information for the products they use and love from Unilever. We are very happy to see that other companies in the industry have announced plans to disclose fragrance ingredients in the future.”

Unilever will list ingredients down to 0.01 percent of the product formulation—a welcome change for consumers who are careful about the products they purchase. The company is also updating labels for products retailed in the U.S., which will list fragrance allergens that adhere to the EU regulations standards for labeling.

Learn how this mainstream brand is also meeting the demands of its expanding consumer base, without sacrificing the quality for which it’s known.

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