Amy Ziff
Amy Ziff

Inside the WELL Summit: Meet Amy Ziff, Founder of Made Safe

Our inside the WELL Summit series brings you exclusive content from our Summit sponsors. This series also includes content from WELL Summit speakers and what you can look forward to if you attend the event.

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What is your area of expertise, Amy? 

I’m known as an ingredient expert. Specifically, I guide companies using the MADE SAFE certification program and chemical insights to help them make nontoxic products that won’t harm humans or the ecosystem. But really, to family and friends (and friends of friends), I’m the person everyone comes to in order to find safe products. I’ve been asked about mattresses, cookware, paint, clothing, fem care, bug spray, baby products, as well as every beauty potion and elixir imaginable! (Not everyone likes the answers!)


What does wellness mean to you?

To me wellness isn’t just one thing, but many. I talk about a Wellness Quotient, which is equal parts: what you put in your body, who you surround yourself with your exposome (which is the sum total of your environmental exposures—think air, water, exposure to external toxicity like off-gassing), how you manage your stress on a daily basis, and how well you sleep. And it’s always a balancing act and a juggle to manage. In this modern, toxic age, it takes work to up your Wellness Quotient. Some days may feel better than others. But when you can learn to increase your Wellness Quotient, you increase your overall wellness. To me, the meaning of wellness comes when we find equanimity amongst these many things and the result is that we have a deep feeling from within that radiates out. It’s like a ray of sun shining from the inside out.


What are you hoping to empower attendees with, Amy?

I hope to give people concrete ideas and strategies about how to reduce their body burden (the total amount of chemicals built up in the body) and improve their exposome (the total sum of environmental exposures to toxins).


What exciting things are you working on this year?

At MADE SAFE, we just published a scientific report on how to Detox Your Sleep—and I hope it will help to change the toxic practices in the bedding industry and help people make better decisions when investing in a mattress. Given the role that sleep plays in our ability to rest, rejuvenate and repair—what you sleep on matters. 


Anyone who is at the top of their game has had to persevere and cheerleader themselves. What is one thing others told you was impossible but you proved was possible?

I was told it wasn’t possible to evaluate ingredients for toxicity, as no process existed before my science advisors and I created it. And once we had the process in place, most people thought I’d never get a product certification off the ground. Three years later, we are working with more than 100 game-changing brands, have certified more than 1,000 products, and examined many thousands of ingredients in order to build the biggest and best ingredient database in existence. And we’ve only just begun. Early on I kept hearing about all the failures that came before and how impossible this task was. But you know what? MADE SAFE has changed a lot of minds; you can too.


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