Isabella Sapien, Founder + CEO, Ritual Rebellion.
Isabella Sapien, Founder + CEO, Ritual Rebellion.

Inside the WELL Summit: Meet Isabella Sapien, Founder + CEO, Ritual Rebellion

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Isabella Sapien is the founder and CEO of Ritual Rebellion, a digital marketing agency with a focus on clean beauty brands. Izzy stumbled upon RR when she began consulting for indie beauty brands and retailers during her father’s struggle with stage four cancer. She had a business degree, a love for beauty products and had been in the “clean beauty” industry since its rise in 2011. No true boutique digital agency existed in this industry yet, but thanks to word of mouth from so many friends and clients, in a little over a year, RR has become a force for good—building beauty and well brands that are truly making a difference. Take a sneak peak at what Isabella Sapien will be bringing to the WELL Summit in Brooklyn, October 5 + 6!

 What is your area of expertise, Izzy? 

I specialize in extending customer lifetime value for well/beauty brands. My agency, Ritual Rebellion, is one of the most cost-effective marketing agencies for brands looking to generate additional revenue in the e-commerce space. 


What are you hoping to empower WELL Summit attendees with?

I am hoping to empower attendees and other brand founders with the tools to feel confident in where to allocate their budget in the digital space and how to maximize their efforts in re-marketing.


Anyone who is at the top of their game has had to persevere and cheerlead themselves. What is one thing others told you was impossible but you proved was possible? 

For years in marketing, it was unheard of to spend small amounts of money and see returns. It was almost like throwing money down the drain, so to speak, and hoping for the best. With how far analytics have come and a great eye for innovative, outside-the-box marketing strategy, we are proud of how much our brands have flourished in not just the indie space, but beauty in general, with a cost-effective, high ROI strategy that truly fits in their budget. 

I hear a lot that marketing agencies are the “bad people” of beauty. That we only care about money and every consumer is just another number. None of our clients would say that about me or my team. We are first and foremost a small business, and we relish in treating our partners with respect, regardless if they worked on a single campaign with us or have been a client since the beginning. I truly want this industry to grow and succeed so if you ever have a question—drop me a line! I am here for you!


 What quote inspires you?

I am a seriously competitive person but I also have had a lot of advantages. Remaining humble is the ultimate win. “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald


WELL Summit is all about tribe. How do you ensure the right people are around you?

As a believer that not class, education nor income should be a barrier for friendship, I surround myself with a very diverse group of individuals. I have learned some of my greatest lessons from people who failed a lot in life and business. I believe that struggle breeds innovation. I love a true “underdog” story but I am also a huge feminist.  My team is 90 percent female and I prefer it that way. I am always looking for new team mates who believe in bettering the world and creating dope s#!t!



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