Lindsay Patton-Carson, Vice President, Customer Engagement at PiperWai Natural Deodorant
Lindsay Patton-Carson, Vice President, Customer Engagement at PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Inside the WELL Summit: Meet Lindsay Patton-Carson, VP, Customer Engagement at PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Our inside the WELL Summit series brings you exclusive content from our Summit sponsors. This series also includes content from WELL Summit speakers and what you can look forward to if you attend the event.

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Lindsay Patton-Carson is the vice president of customer engagement at PiperWai Natural Deodorant, as well as a freelance writer and communications consultant. Her job includes managing customer communication, content, all social media platforms, the brand ambassadors and interns. She also works with Animal Avengers and Miles for Migraine in her free time.

A new Philadelphian, Lindsay moved to the city from Michigan for her PiperWai gig. Spend enough time around her and you’ll hear foreign words and phrases like “pop,” “ope!” and “The U.P.” A pop-culture nerd, Lindsay loves talking about music, true crime, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and David Bowie. She also likes running, her two dogs and laughing with her husband, Dave, until she cries. Lindsay is bringing her uplifting energy, deep marketing knowledge and candid conversation to the WELL Summit on October 5 & 6. Get to know a little bit about Lindsay before meeting her in person in Brooklyn!


What are you known for, Lindsay?

If you look me up on the internet, you’ll see I’m known for sh@tting myself during a marathon. (Feel free to reach out to me for that story.) HOWEVER, what I prefer to be known for is my writing, communication and social media skills. I’ve fully engulfed myself in the social media world and am proud of how much I’ve accomplished in just three years.


What would WELL Summit attendees be surprised to learn about you? 

I was a music journalist for most of my career and have interviewed Kathy Griffin, Ben Folds, Henry Rolllins, Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird, Sleigh Bells and more. I can also lick my elbow.


What exciting things are you working on this year?

I am currently a volunteer social media manager for Animal Avengers, a nonprofit started by the actress Shannon Elizabeth. I also write a column for PhillyVoice every month and manage LinkedIn and Pinterest for Miles for Migraine. All these clients are close to my heart because I am an animal advocate and I struggle with migraines. I feel like the work I’m doing is helping to raise awareness and put more good in the world.


What quote inspires you?

 It sounds silly, but my senior quote has guided me in so many of my big decisions. When I was searching for a quote that “fits” me, I found one that I connected with on a deep level. “It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation.” As a creative person with a strong sense of self, this quote has helped me during the tough times where failure is inevitable.


What’s your favorite ritual for health, Lindsay?

Running, at least when I can. I’ve struggled with hip and ankle issues, which is devastating. Running is my meditation. It’s my mood booster and it’s the thing that best calms me when things get hectic.


Follow Lindsay Patton-Carson on Twitter @LindsayPatton for memes and on Instagram @pattonlindsay for dog pics, and discover Lindsay’s fellow WELL Summit speakers here.

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