Three Foodie Entrepreneurs Team Up to Open The Local Fare

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Put three foodie entrepreneurs together, and it’s pretty much the winning recipe for a successful business. That’s exactly what happened when the lovely woman behind Nutty Life, Kitchen Millie and Boston Bonbon collaborated to launch The Local Fare, a one-stop shop for local food, products and gifts nestled in Arlington, MA. We caught up with Caroline of Nutty Life to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a Boston-based female entrepreneur. Prepare to be inspired!

Tell me about the Local Fare – what was your inspiration to launch?

I knew Michelle from Kitchen Millie, and over the last year we have become good friends. She knew I was looking for a space, since if you don’t have a super big business you get stuck with crumby hours. I was looking for a storefront and a kitchen, and she was looking for something similar. Boston Bonbon’s Rita, our 3rd partner, was also looking, so we thought, “Hey why don’t we do this together? It’s probably easier and more fun!” We were all on board. That happened in March, and we finally got store up & running!

How did the 3 of you ladies originally come together?

Michelle and I kind of went on a blind date actually! I was doing a sampling at Levelup and one of her bosses recommended me when he saw me selling cashew milk. He connected me with Michelle because she had just also just left her full time job. And then Michelle met Rita through her third business – Boston and Bale – when she was searching for products. I just told Michelle, “We had our date almost a year ago exactly!”

What can someone expect when popping by the shop?

Well, it’s pretty energetic; we always have music playing and we usually have someone producing in the back. I love that it has a nice, simple, rustic feel with an open kitchen.
It’s really cool because you can see the products being made while you shop! It’s perfect for a last minute gift, some treats on way to dinner party, or a treat for yourself on your way home. We’ve got food, candles, cards – it’s truly a one-stop shop for everything!

How did you decide on the Arlington location?

One of the ladies I know from Jam Sessions thought of the space and knew Michelle was looking. It was a cool location and seemed like it had a great community, great vibe and the price was right for the 3 of us!

Why is keeping it local important to you?

We wanted to support businesses in the Boston area! Right now, the furthest we source from is Rhode Island. We’re keeping it New England based, but especially Boston.

How do you maintain balance in your business?

I kind of turned my passion into my job! I teach yoga too, and try to incorporate the business into things I like. With opening up the Local Fare, yoga has kind of fallen off the wayside but I’ve been doing a lot of spin as a way to chill out recently. But for me, teaching is even more of a release than taking a class!

What are some of the challenges you face in your business life, while launching The Local Fare?

A big challenge is quitting a full time job with security, but you just have to do it. I pushed it back for a while being miserable and I was like ‘I just need to do it.’ Just keep chugging along, have faith in yourself and go for it. You have to be prepared for a monetary struggle, and learn to cut back in other parts of your life!

Anything else you’d like local Boston folks to know about The Local Fare?

We’re always looking for new and interesting products to feature, and would love to hear from anyone interested in being a part of the Local Fare! You can email us at bostonlocalfare@gmail.com

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Rachel Kaczynski

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