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Manifesting With Malas: 3 Tips From Satya Jewelry For Using This Ancient Prayer Necklace

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Satya Scainetti has manifested her eponymous jewelry line into existence. In fact, her company, Satya Jewelry, is a favorite among seekers who use the brand’s malas—ancient prayer necklaces of 108 beads—to help bring their own dreams to fruition. Satya now leads workshops all over the world to help others tap into their creativity, strengthen their spirituality and empower them to follow their most precious desires. Can a piece of jewelry actually help draw to you what you want most out of life? As it turns out, it’s possible! Here, Satya shares her spiritual best practices for manifesting with malas.

Photo courtesy of Satya Jewelry.

When did you first start using malas to manifest?

I began using malas to manifest around 18 years ago, before I started Satya Jewelry. I was drawn to a beautiful stone mala; I loved that the stones absorb your energy and your mantra. I thought, how powerful would it be to wear this necklace that carries that vibration throughout the day? Malas can amplify what’s happening. You’re wearing your intention, so things can unfold as they should—as you’re manifesting them to be.

Do you have any tips for helping our readers choose a mala necklace?

One of the most important things in choosing a mala is to pay attention to what you’re drawn to: Maybe it’s the color of the stones, or certain healing properties you’re seeking. We’re such intuitive beings—sometimes life gets in the way of our knowingness—but since  a mala is something you’re wearing around your heart center, pay attention to what you’re responding to, as this will remind you were you’re heading and what you’re seeking throughout the day.


Satya Scainetti. Photo courtesy of Satya Jewelry.

3 Tips For Manifesting With Malas

1. Get as clear as you can as what your intention is—for 40 days. Stay focused on this intention for 40 days, and use a mantra to help keep you centered, to remind you what matters most. Commit to it! Are you attached to something exactly? Learn to surrender that exact vision. Trust the Universe that it will unfold it in front of you, even if it doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would. 

2. Keep a journal. If you are using your mala with a mantra, try to do a 10-minute meditation every day, and keep a journal—jot down the first word that comes to mind when you finish meditating. Pay attention to how you feel after meditating with your mala. Are you anxious when you meditate? Angry? Happy? Watch what happens over the course of 40 days. I’ve experienced and witnessed incredible transformation over a 40-day period, and having it written down in black and white serves as a great reminder of this change. 

3. If you miss a day, you have to start over. The 40-day meditation practice can be transformative, but only if you stick with it! If you get to day 39 and miss a day, you have to start over. The level of commitment matters. Make your commitment a priority and watch the magic unfold! 

The most important thing about manifesting with malas is to start where you are—with your mantra, with meditation, with manifestation. Just use words that resonate with you and empower you, and watch as whatever you’re seeking starts to show up in your life! 

Searching for habits to support your meditation practices? Try this recipe to help keep you calm and centered.

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