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Men in Wellness: Meet Zach Adelman, CEO of Navitas Organics

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We recently kicked off this Men in Wellness series to showcase guys in the health realm who are leading a charge to create a better world. Zach Adelman, CEO of Navitas Organics, is one of those guys. He’s a featured speaker at this year’s W.E.L.L. Summit, and he’s a serial entrepreneur who’s been working in wellness for years. Keep reading to find out why he got interested in wellness and what he think more men need to pay attention to when it comes to their health.

How did you get started in the wellness industry? Why the interest in it?

Wellness has always been a part of my lifestyle and environment. In my 20s, I frequented health food stores, especially while traveling throughout the United States, so pursuing a career in the organic food industry came naturally. When I was transitioning from a previous industry an old friend introduced me to a product, Maca, and that is where I started in the organic food and wellness business. Once I got started in the industry I was impressed on how welcoming it was to young entrepreneurs and up and coming brands. Building Navitas Organics as a pioneer and leader in the superfood category was a way to integrate my interest in wellness and love of being an entrepreneur.

Why should men care about their wellness?

Obviously, I think everyone should care about their personal wellness but I believe men specifically can lack focus on nutrition at times. I personally believe in a complete wellness program—nutrition, fitness and mental well-being. Honestly, I have lacked focus on my nutrition, fitness and mental wellness at times, especially while building Navitas Organics and starting a family. I am very fortunate we started a corporate wellness program at Navitas Organics several years ago and that really helped me integrate my personal wellness goals into my daily routine.

What do men often miss about their wellness?

Men often don’t pay enough attention to their eating habits and how it contributes to their personal wellness. In a society where servings are huge, loaded with sugar, bad fats and artificial ingredients, it is easy to get caught in bad eating habits. Furthermore, the access to unhealthy fast food is hard to resist. It takes a lot of self-control to stop the urges of over-eating large portions of unhealthy food or animal proteins. At Navitas Organics, we provide healthy, organic, plant-based foods that are easy and convenient to incorporate into your daily diet. Including these clean foods into your diet is a great step towards wellness and healthier living.

What unique perspective do you bring to your area of expertise?

I found my way into the wellness industry as an entrepreneur but I am also a dad, a husband and a superfood consumer. I believe that I look at our industry in a unique manner. As an entrepreneur and the founder of a plant-based superfood company I have had to learn about all aspects of the organic and natural food industry—whether it be about organic farming and regulations, detailed nutritional benefits of our products, or how organic and natural foods are sold here in the United States.

As a parent, husband and consumer I understand how challenging it can be to prioritize wellness and healthy eating into our modern day chaos. All of these experiences have allowed me to learn so much about our superfoods and how they can have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment too. Most importantly, I have had the pleasure to help inspire so many people on how to have organic superfoods part of their personal wellness journey including my amazing team at Navitas Organics.

We have found that a lot of wellness is focused on women: women’s health, women  leaders, women bloggers, women founders, women advocates, etc. Why do you think that is?

This has always kind of perplexed me really. Pretty much all the wellness blogs and websites I follow cater specifically to women. While I think that is amazing and these outlets have always supported Navitas Organics, thankfully, I believe there is a great opportunity to have more wellness oriented websites, social media and blogs catering to men. I sense that men are more motivated to focus on their personal wellness than ever before. I would love to be a part of that and help inspire men to live a healthy lifestyle.

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