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#MyCleanBeautyShelf: A Peek Inside the Morning Routine of Clean Perfume Line PHLUR’s Co-Founder Cynthia Korman

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Cynthia Korman and her husband Eric co-founded clean perfume company PHLUR in 2015 to reimagine fragrance from scent inspiration to production to purchase, allowing customers to discover their award-winning, responsibly made scents from the comfort of home. They were one of the inaugural brands to be featured in Sephora’s Clean at Sephora initiative, and have since expanded their line to include body care and candles. As creative director of the brand, Cynthia brings her many years as an editorial art director of leading women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. She’s a mom of two and lives in Austin, Texas, where she says it’s hot—read on to discover not just her full #MyCleanBeautyShelf routine, but also her top pick for a natural deodorant that beats the heat.

My beauty philosophy is…

Take care of yourself, body and mind. I really feel like a good night’s sleep and a great yoga class do more for me than any product can. But when you can’t find time for all of that, great products are your friends!

First thing in the morning, I…

Wake up extra-early so I have time to sit with my coffee in our living room for bit. The walls are a bright sunshine yellow that amplifies the morning light, and on dark winter mornings, has a cozy golden glow. It’s my moment of calm before the day kicks into high gear. Then it’s time to wake up the kids for school and get the day rolling.

My morning skincare routine includes…

Exfoliation and hydration! I’m a big fan of those loofah gloves you can buy at the drugstore. I lather them up with PHLUR body wash in the shower and moisturize with the matching scent body lotion immediately after I towel off, when skin is still warm and a little damp to lock in moisture. Our Améline and Hanami scents have been my usual go-tos but I am now officially OBSESSED with our newest scent S.C. 59 which smells like summer at the beach—bright citrus mixed with warm amber notes. I feel like I’m on vacation every time I use it.

My morning haircare routine includes…

I’m really picky about scents, so I’m that person in the store trying to sneakily open the cap so I can smell the shampoo before I buy it. I’m currently liking True Botanicals shampoo and conditioner, and my hair is super fine so anything that says “volume” on the bottle, I’m halfway in. Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray is great before blow-drying, and they’re about to start making all of their bottles from 100% recycled ocean plastics, so if that’s not reason enough…

My morning makeup routine includes…

My morning makeup routine is pretty simple. Beauty Counter Skin Dew is a great tinted moisturizer that lets just enough of your skin show through to look natural. I use HAN bronzer as blush because pink cheeks look sort of clownish on me. And I hate the sticky feeling of lipstick, so I use a chunky lip crayon, like Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Lip Crayon over some Eos lip balm. And a little eyeliner if I remember, but I usually forget!

My favorite beauty tip

When applying perfume, don’t rub your wrists! Our perfumers are adamant about this: It crushes the molecules and you can lose the beautiful top notes of the fragrance. And try applying to your forearms instead of your wrists—you’re less likely to wash the fragrance off when you wash you hands.

What’s your desert island/can’t-live-without beauty product?

Explore Naturals baking soda-free deodorant in Lilac Bloom. We live in Austin, Texas, and it’s HOT y’all.

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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