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Amanda Light is a writer, content creator and our W.E.L.L. Summit Community Manager. If you follow Amanda’s blog or social profiles, you’ll know that not everything is perfect but being more mindful about what you’re using in your household makes all the difference. Since becoming a mother, she realized that it’s important to be more aware of what is in with her family’s bath, body and cleaning products. She has found ways to swap out lots of gross chemicals for much cleaner options and likes to encourage and empower others to do the same. Here’s her morning routine.

My beauty philosophy is…

Beauty is something that I have only really started to appreciate about myself but have always appreciated in others. To be beautiful is to appreciate all the great things you’re bringing into the world whether it’s your good work, your positive vibes or your caring heart. As cliche as it is, beauty is on the inside and I firmly believe that.

First thing in the morning, I…

I am usually waking up to the sound of my three-year-old running at high speed down the hallway, so I take a moment to breathe and gather myself for a day full of who knows what! We start our day slow, usually over yogurt, bananas and coffee (for me, not the kids!) then talk about our plans for the day whether we only plan to go grocery shopping or meet up with friends.

My morning skincare routine

My morning skincare routine is a ritual for me. Everyone in my family knows that I take my time after a shower to get nice and shiny. No one rushes me unless we’re running late. I usually use my Osea Malibu Ocean Cleanser (because it smells like a dream), tone with Face/Food Flower Power Healing Toner (small batch and locally made), choose a face oil/serum (I switch between Malaya Rejuvenating Face Serum, Kaliks Collective Balance Glow Facial Oil and Aimee Raupp’s Balancing Face Oil), use Aimee Raupp’s Cocoa Butter Eye Cream and then moisturize with Dermae’s Hyrdrating Day cream.

If I have time, I use a body oil or body cream and absolutely love Farmesthetics Midnight Honey, Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Body Butter or Malaya Organics Body Oil in Woods. I usually let this scent double as my “perfume” for the day but I do also love having roller balls of essential oil blends on hand if the mood strikes me. I really like 21 drops, thorn + bloom and even whipping up my own blend once in awhile. And yes, I do use a natural deodorant that works for me: Schmidt’s in Bergomot Lime.

My morning haircare routine

I sadly don’t have a morning haircare routine except to always have dry shampoo on hand for my thick head of hair. I love volume so if I have the time, I plug in an old school set of hot rollers (I’ve had them for years) and will wear them around the house until I’m ready to leave. Add a little dry shampoo to this style and it will last me a few days at least. I like Acure Organics Dry Shampoo since it’s super affordable and does the trick for me. If I need to set a style, I love Josh Rosebrook‘s Hair Spray Firm Hold.

My morning makeup routine

On a normal day (where I’m just Mom-ing locally), I’ll use the Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation with one of their Aura Multi Use Sticks for cheeks and lips, Realist Invisible Setting Powder from W3ll People and a touch of rms beauty living luminizer to add a touch of dewiness. That’s my every day and it’s easy to take on the go if I’m traveling.

If I’m going out to an event or brunch or will see anyone other than children, I take that everyday routine then reach for my Jane Iredale for all things eyes and brows. For some reason, every Jane Iredale shade I try just works for me so I go with what I know.

I have so many lip colors it’s kind of insane because I love to really play with a bold lip depending on my mood. Lately, I’ve been totally into what Axiology is putting out there as well as lip pots from Kari Gran, True Moringa and rms beauty.

My favorite beauty tip

Honestly, I am a big fan of being adventurous whether it’s with your hair, skincare or makeup (allowing for allergies of course). I find that a lot of the fun of having a makeup or skincare routine is throwing a wrench in it once in a while! Trying new things and brands may bring you to that small batch maker whose mission and story resonates with you.

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty.

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