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#MyCleanBeautyShelf: Holly Moore of May Lindstrom Skin Shares Her Morning Routine

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Holly Moore is a public health scientist working to change the beauty industry. Her passion in life is helping others make informed choices about their health through education on ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. This journey has lead her across Europe, India, China and South Africa to study traditional healing, bioethics, human rights and environmental health. Her studies brought her to Boston to earn her Master’s in public health, and help launch the clean skincare boutique Follain, and then to Los Angeles to work with a handmade luxury skincare brand May Lindstrom Skin (MLS). It’s Holly’s privilege to work with and guide people of all backgrounds and cultures connected by a common thread: skin. We’re thrilled to have her share her #MyCleanBeautyShelf routine with us.

MyCleanBeautyShelf Holly Moore

My beauty philosophy is…

Beauty is a celebration of individuality. It’s a way of communicating and connecting with yourself and those around you. Beauty is all about perspective.

First thing in the morning, I…

Hear the sounds of my two rabbits scratching the bedroom door for their breakfast (yes, I have two, free-range house rabbits, and yes, they get a little bowl of oats every morning). After I’m up and in the kitchen with the buns at my feet begging for treats, I officially start my day with a cup of hot lemon water that starts to connect my brain back to my body. I am not a morning person, so I try to give myself as much love in the early hours as possible. Cup of lemon in hand, I head to the bathroom to smooth MLS The Honey Mud on my face and neck, followed by dry brushing my body in prep for a cold shower (look up Wim Hof Method—my husband’s new health obsession). The Lemon x Honey x Brush x Cold Shower combo is a guaranteed waker-upper!

Holly Moore

My morning skincare routine

While I’m in my cold shower (that’s LA cold, not Boston cold), I’ll keep the MLS Honey Mud on my face as long as possible to cocoon my skin and give as much nourishment and hydration as possible. I’ll take my MLS Clean Dirt, roughly a teaspoon, and mix equal parts water to activate and massage directly on top of the Honey Mud. This will lift away any dead cells and deliver fresh vitamin C. The combination of these two treats smells like a ginger bread cookie had a baby with Speculoos butter – yumsville! After I’ve soaped up with my Good Soap by Alaffia (I love the zero-waste aspect), I follow with Organic Bath Co Java Jolt Scrub—a long-time fave of mine. If I wasn’t craving a good cuppa coffee before this, I am by the time I’ve rinsed off. I finish up by massaging either MLS’s The Pendulum Potion all over my body or one of my homemade body oils.

As I’m a bit of a walking encyclopedia when it comes to ingredients, I love to have pretty bottles in my bathroom that have relatively little to read on the labels. It’s compulsive for me to pick up anything with an ingredient deck and start reading, so I like to turn that part of my brain off in the bathroom to unwind as much as possible and enjoy the space I’ve created, fully knowing that I can trust the makers of these beautiful products and potions (myself included!).

My morning haircare routine

A quick brush through and a little water to bring back my waves, followed by a bit of Josh Rosebrook’s Styling Creme (which can also double as an amazing hand and nail cream if ever in a pinch). Sometimes I add a quick spritz of Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray because I’m in love with the smell of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa.

My morning makeup routine

A minimal approach. I’m personally a strong advocate of really letting your skin shine through, and this comes with understanding what works best for your skin, your colors and your look. I sit more on the dryer end of the skin type spectrum and I once got a sunburn from a reflection off a floor… so that should give you some insight into my daily battle with the sun living in Los Angeles. My décolleté is unfortunately always a tad tomato-y in shade.

I start my makeup ritual with a couple of pumps of Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day creme for protection and antioxidants. Next, in the palm of my hand, I blend a quarter of a pea size of May Lindstrom Skin’s The Blue Cocoon with roughly equal parts Kjaer Weis Foundation to create my liquid foundation. Before applying with my fingers or brush, I cup my hands to my face and take a deep breath to ground myself and set an internal reminder to come back to this moment of clarity if I find myself feeling overwhelmed at any point during my day. The Blue Cocoon has a way of centering you like nothing else, and I say that from the heart.

Next, I apply a little Jane Iredale Brow Powder and rms beauty’s Living Luminizer on areas to highlight. After, I like to add a little pop of color to the apples of my cheeks using Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, and swipe of either ILIA Lipstick or Beautycounter Lipsheer to my smile. I actually really struggle with mascara because it either falls straight off my lashes or ends up smudged around my eyes. I usually have a couple different ones on rotation to try out but I always love Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner underneath most formulas as a primer to give extra hold. At the moment, I have Lola Lash TOO by Antonym, W3LL PEOPLE Mascara and Kjaer Weis Mascara on rotation with a watchful eye on the dates (mascara has a 3-6 month life at best once opened). I finish with a mist of The Jasmine Garden and pocket my Ouli’s Ointment to touch up any dry patches on my face and lips throughout the day.

My favorite beauty tip

I believe we have reached a point in the evolution of clean beauty where we can fully place our trust in a variety of makers and beautiful brands that are changing the face of the mainstream beauty industry. With this positive change churning away, we can pause to explore not just the ingredients and formulas, but how we should use these products and why we are reaching for them. The “how” and the “why” are what fascinates me the most at present day. I look forward continuing my journey with these thoughts and invite you to do the same. Next time you pick up your blush, your scrub or your mascara, pause to consider, “What is this for? What does it mean to me?” It’s interesting what questions begin to pop up in your mind. My tip is focused more on dialing into the conversation you have with yourself around beauty. Define what beauty means to you and what beautiful looks like on you before you reach for products. Beauty starts with just you.

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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