#MyCleanBeautyShelf: Nicolle Mackinnon’s Morning Routine

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If you’re like us, you love seeing the routines of your favorite wellness experts. What do they do first thing in the morning? What’s their favorite skincare product? What mascara do they use? We’ve gleaned some of the best self-care, skin, makeup and hair tips from professionals in the field, so we decided to tap into their expertise in our new series, #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

Clean beauty and wellness lifestyle writer Nicolle Mackinnon is first up to share her #shelfie. Stemming from her personal journey to treat her celiac disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Nicolle serves as a writer and editor for several leading publications helping women understand how important, stylish and fun it is to commit to clean beauty. By way of her contributions to No More Dirty Looks, Thoughtfully Magazine and numerous beauty brands’ blogs, websites and social media, Nicolle has become a trusted voice on the correlation between health and beauty. Read on for her morning routine!

My beauty philosophy is…

Beauty is self-care.

First thing in the morning, I…

Take a couple deep breaths and then take my pup for a quick jaunt. Both get the blood circulating!

My morning skincare routine

My skin is fairly sensitive, so I try to listen to what it needs each day, while keeping some consistent products in my routine. I generally just wash with water and a warm wash cloth in the morning, before spritzing on Linne Botanicals’ Mineral Mist (game-changer in terms of dryness), followed by Aronca’s Magic White Ice hydrator. A bit of SkinOwls’ Eye+ under my eyes and a few dabs of Osmia Organics’ Spot Treatment, if I need it, finishes my morning routine. On a day my skin feels like it needs a boost or a slight detox, I might do a mask (benefits of working from home!). My favorites are Leahlani’s Meli Glow, May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud, Mahalo’s The Petal and Laurel Skin’s Berry Enzyme Mask. Oh, and LILFOX. Any mask from LILFOX.

My morning haircare routine

I’m pretty lazy with my hair if it’s not a shower morning (which is rarely is…). I typically curl it with Nume Style’s Curling Wand twice a week (post blow-dry), and then let the curls keep dropping until my next washing. Oh, but I rely on dry shampoo. I love Green and Gorgeous Organics, Captain Blankenship, One Love Organics or Tabitha James Kraan‘s version.

My morning makeup routine

I love a good makeup routine. I truly consider it self-care to take a few minutes here for myself each day. I use Zuzu Luxe’s Cream Concealer under my eyes, followed by INIKA Organics’ Loose Mineral Foundation. Then I go in and spot cover any extra redness or blemishes with a concealer brush and more of my INIKA powder. Root Pretty’s Blush or Bronzer, or Gressa Skin’s Contouring Serum Bronzer gives me a little color before I apply Plume or Elate Cosmetics’ Brow Pomade/Cream with an eyebrow brush.

On a usual day, I just do a bit of VERT Beauty Eyeliner in Noir Or and my Root Pretty Mascara (it’s seriously THE BEST. Hands down.). If I’m going for something fancier, I love Kjaer Weis’ shadow, rms beauty’s swift eye shadow, or ILIA Beauty’s shadow cream sticks for eye color.

Lip color is where I like to stand out. I’ll use W3LL PEOPLE’s Nudist Lip Butter for a sheer wash, or I pick up Axiology’s vegan Lip Crayon in Keen, Root Pretty’s vegan Lipstick in Bell or Clove + Hallow’s lipstick in Blossoming for a pop. I’m a little lip color obsessed and I truly have a color for every occasion. Elate makes great vegan lipsticks too.

My favorite beauty tip

Ooh, I have many I’ve picked up over the years. Hmm. Ok, for hair: sleep with your tresses in a super loose bun, secured with those tiny claw clips, overnight. You’ll wake up with volume, and preserve your curls or blowout. Makeup: Use cream concealer in an upside-down triangle under your eyes for the best brightening. Skincare: Your skin is communicating with you ALL the time. Listen. It will tell you what it doesn’t like. Just keep paying attention. And when you find what works for you, stick with it!

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