#MyCleanBeautyShelf: Peek Inside the Morning Routine of Sara Panton, CEO & Co-Founder of vitruvi

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Sara Panton started her business career during her first year of medical school, when she worked late at night to create a brand that allowed people to weave the benefit and science of scent into their days. Using her understanding of indigenous botanicals from years of working with Nobel Peace Prize nominated charity We.org and her degree in global health, Sara created a collection of essential oil products, designing them in tandem with her love for visual design. She and her brother Sean Panton launched the premium essential oil company vitruvi during her second year of medical school—and the line experienced such fast growth that she quit school to run the business full time. After four years in business, vitruvi is now sold in 300+ stores internationally and is a leading brand in the natural cosmetics movement and the leading direct to consumer essential oil brand in the United States.

Sara’s work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Fast Company, Architectural Digest, W Magazine, Women’s Health, NYLON and Coveteur, to name a few (we’ve chatted with her about how she maintains balance in her life amidst all the publicity and work). She’s also worked closely with companies to take the wellness category mainstream through partnerships with Sephora, Violet Grey, Revolve, Goop, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. So what does the founder of a line predicated on self-care rituals use in her personal morning routine? Let’s take a peek inside Sara’s #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

My beauty philosophy is…

Your true self is your best self. I really believe that your body knows best, and that our heads can get in the way. I choose beauty, body and personal care products that support the natural evolution of how I’m showing up in the world. I believe beauty starts with what you eat and how you think.

First thing in the morning, I…

Drink water and coffee.

My morning skincare routine includes…

Wiping my face clean with a warm, damp microfiber cloth that has three drops of Geranium Essential Oil on it.

My morning haircare routine includes…

Absolutely nothing. I brush it if needed and add in some dry shampoo from Playa or BRIOGEO the Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo if needed.

My morning makeup routine includes…

Pretty simple and takes honestly less than five minutes: I use Drunk Elephant tinted SPF 30 moisturizer all over and down my neck (I am big on sun protection), Gucci Westman’s Westman Atelier concealer, her Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter and her contour stick or Bronzer for a little color, and her Lit Up highlighter (it’s perfection). If I’m traveling, I use Kosas color palette in 8th Muse (it’s the perfect on-the-go lip and cheek color + highlight and packs easy). Then a swipe of ILIA Clean Gel brown liner in Dusk and ILIA Mascara. That’s it. 🙂

My favorite beauty tip

I make everything about supporting the natural ability of my skin to know how to get into balance. I believe that makeup should be nourishing to the skin and not stripping or clogging, so everything I choose to put topically has benefits to it. I keep things really simple especially when it comes to skincare and make a lot of my own products. I use plant-based, whole ingredients on my skin in my cleansing and moisturizing routine.

I use the philosophy that simple is best and that you should be able to customize your skincare with the needs of your face and body, just like you change your diet to meet its needs. I’ve never expected a single product to keep up with me and my ever-evolving life. I check in with my skin and myself to see what it needs—and I believe this does more than just benefit my complexion. 🙂

What’s your desert island/can’t live-without beauty product?

My vitruvi custom blended face oil. Switching to a face oil really made my skin the best it’s been. Using our carrier oils and essential oils in blended means that I can address skincare needs as they change. My face oil has oils of jojoba, apricot kernel, seabuckthorn, raspberry seed, meadowfoam, rosehip, geranium, lavender, grapefruit. I massage it in really well with a vitruvi gua sha or facial cup—circulation and application is key.

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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