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Clean beauty blogger and makeup artist Sammie Kolk, aka hullosam (hŭll-oh -sam), is all about sharing her makeup tips and tricks. Whether it be step-by-step, finding clean makeup dupes or simple advice on how clean beauty doesn’t have to be boring, she lives by the rule that beauty is not a one-size-fits-all. Really showcasing who you are, and creating fun, bold, original looks, along with a great lipstick and beautifully prepped canvas, is right up her alley. With 4 years of green beauty blogging under her belt, Sammie knows what her skin loves and craves. Read more to find out what she’s using for her early morning routine.

My beauty philosophy is…

Beauty to me is feeling like a queen, whether or not you have a full face of makeup on or a simple clay mask. Knowing your doing your skin some good is key! Use products that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

First thing in the morning, I…

Wash my face with warm water, then cold. I like to alternate, as it wakes me up!

My morning skincare routine

I’ll sometimes take a warm face cloth and gently exfoliate my skin with it—I feel like that preps it nicely. I like to keep my skincare products pretty consistent so I tend to mist my face with Pura Botanicals Botanical Bloom Essence or I’ll take a cotton swab and spray MŪN Skincare’s Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner on a cotton pad and generously sweep it over my entire face. (Game changer for prepping your skin!)

As it’s been getting cooler and my skin is starting to lean a little more dry, I’ve been following up my toner with a pump of MŪN Skincare’s Aknari Brightening Youth Serum—this stuff is amazing and totally wakes up my face, and preps it for moisturizer! Speaking of which, I’ve been alternating between two of my favorite face creams: Fitglow Beauty’s Cloud Balm and OSEA Malibu Advanced Protection Cream. Both are rich and incredibly hydrating and plumping! Plus, they work wonderfully under makeup!

My morning haircare routine

Not too much, I usually just brush my hair a bit and go! Unless I have something special going on that day… I’ll maybe use a spritz of Evolvh Haircare’s Protect Leave-In Conditioner (it’s a light spray) or smooth in some Artifact Skin Co. Monoi Tiaré Tails Hair Oil—which smells intoxicating by the way. If I need some lift or a bit of hold, I’ll use Josh Rosebrook’s LIFT Hair Texture and Volume or his Firm Hold Hairspray.

My morning makeup routine

This is a tough one for me! It honestly varies depending on how I’m feeling, how much sleep I got the night before, if I’m feeling adventurous, simple or extra…ha. Most of the time though, I stick to a pretty strict routine of my favorite essentials.

  1. Light/Med coverage foundation: Crunchi Cosmetics Flawless Foundation is a fave!
  2. Concealer: obsessed with INIKA Certified Organic Perfection Concealer, it’s incredible for brightening the under-eye area.
  3. Curling my lashes and a good mascara: Lily Lolo Vegan Mascara, Kjaer Weis Mascara or Hush + Dotti Organic Black Mascara are faves. They make my lashes look full, thick and miles long… plus they don’t irritate!
  4. Setting powder: Crunchi Cosmetics Translucent Finishing Powder is amazing at setting any areas that have been concealed or may get a bit oily throughout the day!
  5. Brows: This is a must! I love 100 Percent Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder. Ever since I had my brows micro-bladed, all I need is a bit of this combed through my brows and it darkens them ever so slightly, plus makes them full and bushy—my fave!
  6. Blush/bronzer: Jane Iredale Bronzer in Rose Dawn is perfect for a bit of color and sun-kissed glow!
  7. Glowwww! I love a good highlight. Two of my faves right now are rms beauty Living Luminizer (for that dewy/wet look) and Maya Chia’s Highlight of the Day in Happy Hour! SO incredibly flattering.
  8. Eyeliner/Shadow: Love me a classic cat-eye and Zuzu Luxe makes some incredible liquid liners (Black and Luxor) that stay! As far as eyeshadows go? I adore Gressa Skin Eye Tints—easiest, most beautiful eye shadows to apply (just use your fingers and blend) and sooo wearable! I also love Kjaer Weis Eyeshadows! Earthy Calm and Angelic are faves—so lovely! One more, because I can’t not mention this palette—Hynt Beauty’s Suite Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Canyon! It’s got the most beautiful rusty/rose gold shades that make your eyes POP!
  9. Can’t forget about the lips! Kari Gran’s Lip Whip—SO key for me. I love her Tinted shades especially! I usually apply that first thing after I brush my teeth, actually. It’s an incredible lip prep before applying lipstick! I can honestly say I don’t have a go-to shade! I love ’em all! I do really enjoy Elate Cosmetics Lipsticks quite a lot, as they’re hydrating and come in super flattering shades! Chance or Muse are super wearable and gorgeous!

My favorite beauty tip

Makeup: Hooded eyes are tricky and I get asked so often how to do a winged liner/cat eye when your lid is sort of covering that area you’re trying to apply liquid or pencil liner to. The trick? (I have hooded lids, so I know this works!) Look straight into the mirror, keep your eyes relaxed (no eyebrow raising or tugging). Draw your line fronm where the bottom lid to top lid meet and draw your flick outward. This will ensure that your wing looks consistent, straight and/or sharp when your eye is open. Of course, when your eye is closed it’ll look not at all straight and perfect… but we don’t walk around with our eyes closed, so as long as you’re happy with the cat eye whilst your eyes are open, problem solved! 😉

Skincare: Let your skin breathe every once in a while. Skin fasting is something I’ve implemented a bit into my regimen and it’s done wonders! I try to wear as little makeup as possible on days where I’m just home, lounging. If I can, I don’t do much skincare either. Sometimes, just a bare face with a spritz of toner does the trick and lets my skin regenerate and breathe. It’s such a great feeling!

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