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#MyCleanBeautyShelf: What Alexandra Wagner, Founder of Alexandra Wagner Skincare, Uses In Her Daily Routine

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Alexandra Wagner is a Los Angeles-based esthetician and fine artist. She’s been operating her skincare studio for 13 years in Venice, California, and she LOVES (emphasis hers when we asked what she liked best) helping clients transform their skin with amazing treatments and helping them identify skin triggers like diet, stress and hormones. She created the White Tiger Collection, a new line of advanced skincare products based on her signature white turmeric and tiger grass plant stem cell complex. The line combines a careful balance of active and natural ingredients to hydrate, brighten and transform the skin. Her expertise and longevity in the industry made us so eager to peek inside her cabinet in our latest #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

Photo courtesy of @alexandrawagnerskincare.

My beauty philosophy is…

For me, beauty is about keeping it simple and easy, but with results. It’s all about daily maintenance of our inner and outer health. Beauty starts with listening to the thoughts we have about how we feel about ourselves, and shifting the negative views into more loving positive ones. IT’s about being kind to ourselves to create that inner glow, and using diet, exercise, mindfulness, lifestyle and great products and treatments to enhance our appearance. I am a firm believer in “everything in moderation.”

First thing in the morning, I…

Drink a large glass of water, and then I have a nice, hot cup of organic coffee. When I work out (four days a week), I do a barre, hot yoga or spinning, or hiking, then I make a smoothie with blueberries, plant protein, cashew butter, nanogreens and Brain Octane Oil.

My morning skincare routine

I rinse my face with water (I have dry skin, so I don’t always need to wash in the morning), apply Take Care Levity Toner or January Labs Brightening Tonic, my White Tiger Brightening Serum, White Tiger Moisture Cream, my new White Tiger CBD Face Oil and January Labs Eye Cream. If I am puffy or don’t have time to work out and increase circulation, I will do a quick de-puff with acupuncture cups. These are amazing.

My morning haircare routine

I wash my hair in the evening always, so I can just get up and go. I might put a little Kevin Murphy Shine in my hair, maybe give it a quick curl in the front and then head out the door.

My morning makeup routine

RMS Uncoverup for light foundation, Dr. Haushka Bronzing Gel for that natural bronzy glow, RMS bronzer under cheek bones and Master Mixer on eyelids and on cheek bones for highlight. I apply all with my fingers.

My favorite beauty tip

Stick with skincare products that work for your skin, and don’t introduce too many new products at once, so you know how your skin responds to that particular product. Sometimes, you can have a reaction starting too many products and it’s hard to know what ingredients don’t agree with your skin.

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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