Photo courtesy of Liz Durnin.
Photo courtesy of Liz Durnin.

#MyCleanBeautyShelf: What Co-Creatives of WildBloom Skincare, Bonnie O’Brien and Liz Durnin, Use In Their Daily Routines

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Bonnie O’Brien and Liz Durnin have always been champions for natural beauty and skincare, but it wasn’t until 2014 that they became green beauty entrepreneurs. While an introduction through a mutual friend in the early 2010s in Fort Collins, Colorado, initially ignited their friendship, Bonnie and Liz became inseparable when they both found themselves in New York City, working in corporate America. After returning to Fort Collins (Bonnie first, then Liz), they immediately saw a need for a nontoxic nail salon, and in response, opened the doors to to Velvet Files in 2014.

When Velvet Files was an overnight success and quickly amassed a loyal customer base, Bonnie and Liz knew that they couldn’t stop there. Their next venture was acquiring local skincare brand WildBloom Skincare, a three-year-old line of facial and body products that were not only safe to use, but also delivered real results. Since taking ownership in 2018, the two have dived head first into bringing their passion for natural beauty and skincare to life. Today, Bonnie and Liz still remain active in the management of Velvet Files, which now includes non-invasive skincare services, while doing their part to push the needle forward in the natural skincare category with WildBloom Skincare. We asked them both to share their beauty routines, in our latest #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

Photo courtesy of Bonnie O’Brien.

My beauty philosophy is…

Bonnie: My beauty philosophy is “it starts on the inside.” I try to listen equally to my mind and heart space to make a daily effort to approach myself with love and compassion, regardless of anything else that is going on. It’s not always easy and it takes constant effort, but that’s the beauty of it. Being mindful of healing myself from the inside-out helps transform how I see and handle anything negative that may come up in my day to day.

Liz: I have a very minimalist approach to beauty. In my mind, less is more. In part, this is because I am always rushing in the morning and prefer to have more time for my morning coffee. But, I also prefer the healthy skin or no makeup look. While I do not use that many products in my beauty regimen, I am very choosy when it comes to what I put on my skin. When picking out beauty product, I look for those with only a few natural and organic ingredients. Exercise and diet are also play a role in my beauty philosophy. I find that following these principles and prioritizing my personal health has a tremendous impact on my skin and overall wellbeing. As cliche as it sounds, when you look your best, you feel your best, and it shows. Beauty should be balanced, inside and out.

First thing in the morning, I…

Bonnie: I’m not much of a morning person, but it’s something I’m working on. The first thing I do is give myself five to 10 extra minutes to gently wake up, stretch and see which parts of my dreams I can remember.

Liz: I love on my pets! Afterwards, I proceed directly to the coffee pot. Each day begins with those two events, in that exact order.

My morning skincare routine

Bonnie: Aside from my Wyld Skincare Charcoal Konjac Sponge, I use all WildBloom Skincare! I start with Wildflower + Honey Gentle Cleanser. I find that using the sponge with it allows for less product usage and creates a nice sudsy effect. I follow with Hyaluronic Rescue Face Serum, which works wonders on my dry skin, then apply Cranberry Eye Peptide Cream and Omega Renewal Face Cream, and finish with Mineral Face Tint SPF 31. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of our line!

Liz: Everything WildBloom Skincare! I like to use a slightly more active cleanser in the morning, so I start off with Green + Glowing Face Cleanser, followed by Vitamin C Quench Face Tonic, and then my all time favorite product, Hyaluronic Rescue Face Serum, to get that plump, dewy skin effect. I finish my morning routine with Omega Renewal Face Cream and Mineral Face Tint SPF 31 in Natural Glow. I love a tinted moisturizer as it’s not as heavy as a concealer, but it gives me just the right amount of color while also working as a primer for my makeup—and need I say how important SPF is?! Using a skincare brand that is all-natural and works for my skin has made my morning (and evening) skincare routine one I look forward to, rather than something I need to do.

Photo courtesy of Liz, left, and Bonnie.

My morning haircare routine

Bonnie: I don’t wash my hair daily because it gets so dried out, but I always make sure to wash my bangs (if you have bangs, you know what I mean). I finish by throwing in some leave-in conditioner, La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray, and some hair oil on my ends for some shine.

Liz: My hair care is a minimalist affair as well. No blowdrying, curling or heat tools of any kind. I favor the surfer-girl look, so I spray some sea-salt spray in wet hair. My favorite is La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray. I love the way it smells, and I find Palo Santo to be such an uplifting scent for the morning!

My morning makeup routine

Bonnie: I keep it pretty simple. Mineral Face Tint SPF 31 is my foundation. It provides a nice, natural coverage, and leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh. I then apply some Glossier Boy Brow—a favorite and crucial step as I grew up in a time where over plucking eyebrows was a thing. Next is Zabana Essentials Bronze Glow Balm on my cheeks and lips, and just a hint of mascara.

Liz: Not much! Some days I just apply Mineral Face Tint SPF 31, fill in my brows and apply Zabana Essentials Color Stick Tinted Lip & Cheek Balm. Other days when the mood strikes me, I jazz it up some with some mascara and lipstick. My current favorite is Spela’s Paint & Play Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tinder.

My favorite beauty tip

Bonnie: To me, the most important part about skincare is being mindful and consistent. You don’t need expensive products or a ton of steps in your routine. Keeping it simple, making sure your products have high quality ingredients, and getting into a daily and nightly routine of giving your skin attention is crucial.

Liz: Find a signature scent. I love to smell good, and spritzing my favorite perfume is my favorite part of my beauty routine! I’m currently using Saint Rita’s Parlor Perfume in Rita’s Car Fragrance. It is such a mood booster and people ask me what I’m wearing all the time!

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