#MyCleanBeautyShelf: What Cynthia Besteman, Founder & CEO of Violets Are Blue Skincare, Uses In Her Daily Routine

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After moving to NYC from Seattle to work as an actress on Broadway for 10 years, Cynthia Besteman got tired of working and having not money. So, she switched careers and went into real estate, which only made her tired of having money, but no life. Then came a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011. “To say it rocked my world in an understatement,” she says. “One of the things I began to realize is it doesn’t matter what we put in our bodies if what we put on them is not healthy.”

Cynthia started formulating products for herself during treatment—”It helped me feel like I was taking control of my body back!” she says. Then, she began giving her handmade skincare to her treatment mates. At the end of her treatment, her oncology team asked what I had been doing, as my skin stayed so healthy. When she told them, her oncologist joked, “You need to bottle and sell that!” And, that’s exactly what she did.

Cynthia launched Violets Are Blue in 2015 and she proudly donates products to women undergoing chemotherapy at Mt. Sinai in NYC. Proceeds from product purchases support the donations, “so it really is women helping women,” she says. But what does a skincare brand founder use in her own daily beauty routine? We peeked into her cabinet and love what we found in the latest #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

My beauty philosophy is…

Beauty for me is ever changing and fluid and as I age, my definition changes. I find it to be more of a feeling of authenticity, or an experience and there really is beauty in every single thing.

First thing in the morning, I…

Brush my teeth, feed my cat (she would prefer to be fed first as proven by her screaming at me), have a big glass of water and an even bigger cup of coffee with cashew milk.

My morning skincare routine

Teeth brush, facial cleanse and serum. That is it! Oh, and deodorant. (You will notice [on the top row of] my shelfie, the number of different formulas for our next launch that I have been going through to get to the perfect one!)

My morning haircare routine

Usually, just taking my hair out of its bun, or put it up in one! I only wash it once a week (I had to train it to last that long). When I wash, I use one product (Reverie’s Milk) before blow drying and that is it!

My morning makeup routine

If I don’t have meetings or have to see anyone, I do absolutely nothing!

My favorite beauty tip

Less is more. As I age, I find the more I use, the sillier I look. Just a blush, mascara and light lip is all I need to accentuate. Too much makes me look like Nora Desmond (an aging Hollywood actress from the 1930s, for those who don’t know).

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