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#MyCleanBeautyShelf: What Martina Joseph, CEO at Dr. Hauschka–USA, Uses In Her Daily Routine

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After 25 years in the beauty industry working for brands like Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Carol’s Daughter, and more, Martina Joseph says it’s been a privilege to be the CEO of Dr. Hauschka USA. The brand is rooted in the simplicity and the power of nature—”our heritage is in our medicinal herb garden,” she says. And it’s not just about harnessing the power of herbs for beauty. The brand is dedicated to giving back too. Martina says, “We have found an incredible way to share the power of what nature has to offer with the launch of The Giving Garden, a philanthropic loyalty program that connects Dr. Hauschka to local food banks, facilitating fresh produce to serve neighbors in need.”

Before her life in the beauty industry, Martina grew up on the Connecticut shoreline and her family valued holistic healing and organic remedies, so she’s always used natural products. Her mom didn’t know what “clean beauty” was, yet she was an early adapter, always creating homemade salves and remedies, as did Martina’s grandmother and great grandmother before her. It was the norm for Martina, not the new horizon it is considered to be in the beauty industry today, and she says it’s been amazing to see it take off in the past decade. Let’s take a peek inside her personal routine, in our latest #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

My beauty philosophy is…

My beauty philosophy mirrors my life philosophy—I take the time out to be mindful and lean into self-care to support my overall wellbeing. I believe: Trust yourself and value your unique identity. Beauty should make you feel powerful in your body and in your mind with a sense of freedom. Embrace it and define it on your own terms.

First thing in the morning

I meditate. Meditation is my fuel for the day. With my travel schedule, this is the one thing that I can do anywhere, no matter where in the world I might be.

My morning skincare routine includes…

Simplicity—I keep it simple!

On days where I am tight on time, my basic ritual is: Cleanse—Tone—Moisturize.

On days where I have a bit more time for self-care, I do a full ritual: Cleanse—Exfoliate—Tone—Mask—Moisturize.

Of course I have Hauschka for days in my beauty cabinet—I love the sensorial experience! Everything from the texture to the light, straight-from-the-garden scent, it really creates a calming ritual every time you care for your skin. My “go-to” daily use products:

  • Dr.  Hauschka Facial Toner—stick it in the fridge & enjoy! This is my all-day companion.
  • Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream—this power hydrator is key for me especially on a long day or a travel day (flights are brutal!). I love to mix Rose Day Cream with a few drops of Clarifying Day Oil for a glow that lasts through all the meetings.
  • Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil—super light yet emollient at the same time. I think it’s the perfect balance with the Rose Day Cream.

My morning haircare routine

I blow out my hair every day—I have the gift of thick Mexican hair, though she doesn’t always like to behave! I use a few drops of Dr. Hauschka Strengthening Hair Treatment every day—it’s a great counterbalance to the intense heat and minimizes the damage that can occur from a daily blow out. A few drops of Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil on my ends gives my hair a bit of shine—we use rose in this formula to harmonize and protect; it is a perfect finish for my hair routine (and while it is not a haircare product, I made it one!).

My morning makeup routine

I used to wear a lot of makeup; I mean the full face every day—foundation, bronzer, eyeliner… At this point in my life, I’m definitely into “a less is more” approach. I like to use Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream and then a touch of Dr. Hauschka Illuminating Fluid with a spray of the Facial Toner to get glow-y. Then of course, mascara. Mascara—mascara—mascara! Mascara is by far my go-to beauty product—and with minimal makeup, a great lash does the trick. My schedule is often very tight (and that usually means every day now)—mascara gives my whole face a great lift, instantly.

My favorite beauty tip

I travel quite a bit, and it can be dehydrating, so I always mask on an overnight flight. I use Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Mask for a quick five minutes with the Facial Toner. It’s a bit of magic!

My desert island/can’t-live-without beauty product

Can I have two please?! Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Day Oil. (If I am allowed 2 on this desert island, I would also bring along Dr. H Volumizing Mascara in black!)

My favorite cult beauty product of all time 

Easy. Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Vamp. I worked at Chanel when it was launched, and it was a breakthrough idea at the time to wear dark nail polish! Now it’s no longer a trend, but it has become a staple for many women—some 20+ years later, I still absolutely love it!

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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