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#MyCleanBeautyShelf: What Shrankhla Holecek, Founder & CEO of UMA Oils, Keeps In Her Beauty Cabinet

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An entrepreneur for about four years, Shrankhla Holecek has had a lifelong aspiration for creating things of value, and trying to have the most impact she can have with the tools she’s been given. She loves problem solving, debate, wine, travel, dogs and classic fiction, and she’s a self-declared “staunch feminist.” The founder and CEO of UMA Oils, a line based in Ayurveda, was born and raised in India and headed off to boarding school at the young age of nine. After her education, she worked as an engineer at Dell and as a management consultant at McKinsey before starting UMA. With her background and widespread knowledge of botanicals, we can’t wait to peek inside her #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

My beauty philosophy is…

That real beauty shines through from within. And that could mean taking better care of your skin for flawless texture, or a fruit & veggie-filled diet for that lit-from-within glow, exercise that helps keep skin congestion or acne at bay—or a mental calm/happiness that shines through from within. I’ve always believed that the pursuit of beauty is never simply topical. Also, I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup.

First thing in the morning, I…

Rinse my face (and eyes) with cold water. It’s an Ayurvedic practice (particularly the eyes).

My morning skincare routine

I typically cleanse throughly at night so in the mornings, I’ll apply a layer of UMA’s (super gentle) Absolute Anti Aging Rose Honey Cleanser or Ultimate Brightening Mask (after just rinsing my face) or even just organic honey on my face before jumping into the shower and letting the steam go to work. Just before I finish, I wipe my face with a warm washcloth (clean, fresh washcloth every time) and finish with a cold facial rinse.

I press in four to five drops of UMA’s Ultimate Brightening Rose Toner and I use about four drops of UMA’s Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil while my skin is still moist. I spend 30 to 45 seconds massaging my skin in upward motion from the neck/décolletage up to my forehead. If I have some extra time, I’ll throw in a gua-sha or ReFa or a jade roller, especially around my eyes.

I always use sunscreen—there’s nothing I’ve found that’s completely clean but I believe the benefits of sunscreen outweigh the risk!

My morning haircare routine

On a good morning, I’m able to massage UMA’s Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil into my scalp 20 to 30 minutes before a shower (ideally, even the night before). I recently discovered Gloss Moderne shampoo/conditioners and Larry King’s A Social Life For Your Hair (a frizz-control product)—both of which I love.

If I can avoid it, I won’t blow dry my whole hair, but just the very front and tie the rest back for more of a controlled wave (I have very curly hair naturally). When I want to wear it straight (which I usually do at events and meetings), I’ve found an Amika straightening brush quite useful.

My morning makeup routine

ILIA Beauty Foundation, Natura Bisse The Sheer Eye, Dior Show Mascara, and UMA Absolute Anti Aging Lip Oil. I’ll throw on a Kjaer Weis cheek tint every once in a while!

My favorite beauty tip

I’m a huge fan of rubbing an ice cube on my face! It can help manage puffiness, and just bring overall life to skin in a jiff! Also try alternating warm and cold water rinses (try five to six!) on a tough morning!

My desert island beauty product

Our Absolute Anti Aging Eye Oil. I imagine I won’t be sleeping much on said island!

Want more beauty tips? Follow all things beauty and get more tricks from our #MyCleanBeautyShelf.

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