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#MyMondayWellnessRoutine: What Beauty Brand Founder Far Momin Does to Stay WELL

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Far Momin, a NYC native, left the world of digital media to pursue her ever-advancing wellness journey. Far became very passionate about natural skincare after years of struggling with hyper-sensitive skin issues. As a certified aromatherapist, she created and launched her skincare business, she plants love, out of Newport, Rhode Island, where she resides now. Far believes in slow living—it’s something she works towards daily in her business and personal life. Here’s what her #MyMondayWellnessRoutine looks like.

I Wake Up…

I’m usually up by 7 a.m. The first thing I do when I wake up is have a glass of water. Also, I like to walk around our apartment, check on all my plants, open all of the windows and let fresh air into our home.

Early Morning

I take a barre3 online class in my living room. It gets me going for the day, helps to center me and creates space for self-care. The time I get to work out is sacred. It reminds me of how strong my body is, how much it loves me and supports my soul. Morning movement gives me great perspective and clarity that helps set the tone for the rest of the day.

Then I take a quick shower and I use the butter [from she plants love] all over my body right after. It keeps me moisturized for 24 hours. For breakfast, I make a deliciously nutritious smoothie, which could really be a meal because it is packed with so much goodness like avocado, banana, berries, mushroom, cacao, chia seeds, cinnamon, honey and more.


By now I have checked emails, social media and referenced my to-do list. I keep a journal, where I jot down weekly tasks, errands and monthly goals. I also get lunch ready, pack up and ride my bike over to the studio.


At the studio, I’m working on multiple things, from creating new content, engaging on social media or curating for our blog. Connecting with retail partners and our customers, I love to hear from them. It makes the passion worthwhile. I am also filling new orders and making products. I love listening to podcasts while I work. I gravitate towards the ones where I feel that I can learn something new or is truly grounding. I’m rotating between How I Built This by NPR, Goop, Breaking Beauty, The Sassy Strategist and a new one called The Golden Hour, to name a few.

For lunch, I have a salad that I tossed together in the morning with an assortment of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, red onion and a homemade pesto dressing. It’s hearty and helps me power through. I also try to listen to my body and take 10 minute breaks sprinkled throughout my day as needed and that allows for more productivity.

Far’s tea ritual.


When I get back home, I take a moment to relax by making an adaptogenic tea for my husband and me. It’s really soothing and anti-inflammatory. I love anything with lion’s mane and cacao. We catch up with each other and then I’m off to getting dinner ready, which is usually whatever I prepped over the weekend. Dinner is based on what we can get seasonally from our local farm share. It ranges from meat or fish with roasted veggies, rice, gluten-free pasta or stew.



Most nights after we’ve cleaned up dinner, we hang on the couch, find something on Netflix to watch or read until it’s time for bed. I have intentionally kept our bedroom simple. I wanted it to be inviting in the most restful and peaceful way possible. Both of us love our sleep, so while we brush and wash up, I like to turn on the diffuser in our room. I use a face oil, I apply it with my gua sha tool, massaging my face and neck. I breathe deeply, inhaling the aroma from my palms. It releases any tension I may be feeling or have on my mind. Then I’m in bed and my body starts to unwind until I drift off.

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