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#MyMondayWellnessRoutine: What A Day in the Life of Nutritionist Charity Lighten Looks Like

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Charity Lighten, chief nutritionist for probiotics and supplements company Silver Fern Brand, grew up in Canada and moved to the States to go to university. She’d always been drawn to business but after getting married and having four children, she got immersed in the world of nutrition, particularly disease-prevention. When her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she became even more passionate about all things “wellness.” Now, her goal is to inspire people to eat right, live their best lives and, of course, have a healthy gut! Here’s what her #MyMondayWellnessRoutine looks like.

I Wake Up…

I’m an early bird and I usually head straight to the gym when I wake up. I often have sourdough rising on my counter overnight, so I’ll quickly shape these and give them a second rise while I’m at the gym. I’m home by 7 a.m. and love to get a jump start on my day.

Early Morning

On a “regular” day, I’ll get the kids out the door for school and then throw some bread in the oven while I shower. My morning routine always includes prayer, study and meditation. I’m also a list-maker, and I plan out my entire day… sometimes down to the half-hour increments. While I’m doing my hair and make-up, I’m almost always listening to uplifting talks or podcasts. Breakfast varies from a smoothie, muesli or a veggie omelette.


I’m usually at the office mid morning and my day can be anything from returning emails, planning events, studying the latest nutrition news or taste-testing new product.


My kitchen is my happy place, so if I’m at home I like to make creations—yesterday’s was homemade hummus and whole wheat sourdough pita. When I take lunch to the office, it’s usually some medley of brown rice, sweet potatoes, black beans, and greens. I’m loving chimichurri these days and put it on everything!


Mondays are a pretty special night in our house. Because it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, we have dedicated Monday’s as our “family night.” This can be anything from board games, watching a movie together, making pizzas or playing in the pool. It doesn’t matter too much what the activity is, just as long as we are together. It’s also a great time for a family council, to talk about our values and expectations for each other.


I’m the opposite of a night owl and I love going to bed. To this day I giggle just a little every time I crawl into bed. I lock up the house (which usually signals to my hubby that I’m prepping for bed). I am a habitual flosser and reader and can’t go to sleep until I’ve done both. There are always a pile of books on my nightstand, although I only get a few pages read before I flip out the light.

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