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#MyMondayWellnessRoutine: How a Smart Jewelry Company Co-Founder Stays WELL

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Urska Srsen is the co-­founder and CCO of Bellabeat Inc., a Silicon Valley company designing smart jewelry and accessories that help women track and improve their well-being. The Bellabeat team is behind Leaf,­ the first health tracking jewelry designed for women, and Spring, the most stylish smart water bottle on the market. Both products connect to the Bellabeat app and help women track their activity, sleep, meditations, water intake and period cycle, and get insights into their stress resistance.

Urska founded Bellabeat because she recognized the need for tech-powered wellness products and experiences that are specifically designed for women. Bellabeat was built with the vision to inspire and support women in putting themselves first and finding balance of body, mind and soul. Here’s how the CCO stays WELL on a daily basis, with her #MyMondayWellnessRoutine.

I Wake Up…

I wake up at 7 a.m. I’m not a particularly early riser even though I do count myself as a morning person. I usually wake up really excited and want to start checking emails and doing things right away. But I try to hold myself back and the first thing I do is drink some water from my Spring smart water bottle, which I always fill up before going to bed. It’s important to start the day hydrated so that you have enough energy for everything that’s to come. After that, I get up to take a shower.

Early Morning

I make sure to wake up at least an hour before I have to leave home and drink as much water as I can before getting out of bed to take a shower. I don’t feel like myself without doing those two things. If I’m feeling particularly tired after waking up, I take my time showering—standing under the refreshing water sometimes helps me collect my strength for the day and organize my thoughts. Since hydration isn’t just about water intake, after my shower I always make sure to hydrate my skin both on body and face with hyaluronic acid and cocoa shea butter. Then I sync my Leaf to see how I’ve slept that night, and dress up for work.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when I put it on, I get the feeling that I’m finally awake and ready for the day. I usually don’t eat breakfast unless I know I have a particularly busy day ahead or I’m going hiking, snowboarding, kitesurfing… I’m a big fan of outdoor sports and I spend every day I can get off work being active and getting enough fresh air. When I do have breakfast it usually consists of two scrambled eggs, tomatoes with olive oil and some gluten free toast with butter. If I know the day will be stressful, I squeeze in a quick breathing exercise, which I play from the Bellabeat app before leaving for work together with my dog.


I love walking so I always try to walk to work or meetings. I’ll walk everywhere up to 1h walk distance, considering I can afford that much time. Walking helps me think and refresh. That’s also why I rarely wear heels and like to wear activewear or casual clothes to work.

I’ll usually have my coffee when I get to the office. The start of the work day usually involves speaking to my team about what’s on our schedule. We’re a very young, fast-paced team, so I need a lot of energy to keep up with my colleagues but just catching up with them every morning gives me a boost of positivity that doesn’t wear off all day. That helps especially on days when I wake up a bit grumpy.

We’re currently working on a launch of a new product so it’s extra hectic and important to stay aligned and organized. Of course, throughout the day I try to keep my hydration pace up by paying attention to how much water I drink. That’s particularly important as I tend to get horrible headaches when I’m not properly hydrating and I’m one of those people that manages to forget to drink all day if I don’t have my Spring with me all the time.


I try to have lunch always at the same time, at noon. Since I’m not a big fan of take-out food, I always make sure to prepare my own food the day before. I am also sensitive to gluten so I developed a very consistent diet of rice-based veggie bowls, quinoa salads, and veggie and chicken soups. It’s healthy and practical. While I’m not vegetarian, I tend to avoid eating meat when I feel like I don’t physically need it. I feel like having a very consistent and light diet got my body used to the foods I usually eat so I don’t get tired or bloated after lunch. That makes it much easier since my schedule is very busy and dynamic. I also suffer from quite active atopic dermatitis so my diet is also a major factor in keeping outbreaks at bay.

In the afternoon, I’m usually wrapping up things that needed to be done that day in our Croatian office so that I can start catching up with our U.S. office and partners. Since my dog is usually at the office with me, we’ll take at least two breaks to go for a walk. That always helps me get my blood flowing and clears my mind.


I always dig into the week with full power, trying to set up the schedule for the rest of the week and catching up on things that are late from the previous one. so I’m usually pretty exhausted on Monday evenings. Unless I’m too busy with work, I go to the gym every evening at 7 p.m. after dropping my dog off at home.

I have a pretty rigid day to day routine that doesn’t change much and I rely on it a lot, especially when I feel like there’s just too much on my plate. I spend about an hour at the gym with my personal trainer winding down and letting go of stress that has accumulated throughout the day. For me, physical training is part of my personal hygiene and I rely on it to also maintain my mental well-being. Training is not just momentary stress release for me—like many young women, I lead a fast-paced life and have a demanding career, and I really feel how being physically in shape and in good condition helps me tackle unavoidable stressful situations with much more power and confidence.

After training I check my Bellabeat app to see how much good I’ve done for myself that day and head home for dinner. I’ll spend the rest of the evening with my partner cooking, chatting about our day, watching a series and relaxing, which gets me ready for bed and recharges me with positivity for the next day.


Before bed, I’ll take a shower and in case I was training before, I’ll also wash my hair. I am always careful when it comes to cleaning my face and make sure every bit of make-up is scrubbed off. I always make sure to hydrate and massage the skin on my face and body before sleep. My favorite skincare regimen is using a combination of B-vitamin oil, argan oil and natural hydration creams. Sometimes I’ll do a coffee-based scrub and natural clay mask when I feel like my skin is getting oily because of stress or because I’m on my period. I’m also really excited about my new face yoga and crystal roller routine. It gets me feeling relaxed and ready for bed. We’ll walk the dog once more and try to be in bed by 11… Okay, at least by midnight! 🙂


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