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#MyMondayWellnessRoutine: How Kiara LeBlanc of Saje Natural Wellness Stays WELL

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Being a young business leader at a wellness brand means work weeks filled with everything from team meetings, product development and store design to innovation, research and strategy development. For Kiara LeBlanc, chief product and creative officer of Saje Natural Wellness, maintaining her wellness means maintaining a balanced life: one filled with as much celebration as task management. This sense of balance is also the essence of how she’s choosing to lead her team and support the success of the family business.

As a member of Saje Natural Wellness‘ founding family, Kiara champions the product innovation, store environment and creative departments within Saje and was recipient of the 2015 Notable Award for Best in Design. A previous student of Emily Carr and involved in the Saje business since childhood (the company launched in 1992), Kiara has inspired and assisted in the vision and development of most of the 100 percent natural products and formulations available on the shelves today.

Kiara’s passion for technology, brand strategy and the retail experience continue to inspire Saje as they push traditional retail boundaries and continue to expand their offering across North America and digitally on saje.com. Here’s how she can do all that and still stay sane, in our latest #MyMondayWellnessRoutine.

I Wake Up…

At 7 a.m. I like to set a “cuddle alarm” at 6:45. This gives me time to curl up back into bed for 15 more minutes before my day officially begins.

Early Morning

My morning wellness routine starts with a shower to help wake me up and Skin So Clean which is my favorite deep, yet gentle oatmeal exfoliating face wash. Post-shower I do a few spritz of my favorite toner—Bliss Mist which helps settle my skin and is a great pre-moisturizer base.


I finish up my morning routine by making my favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs and arugula which keeps me fueled for the day and prepared to take on mid-morning meetings.


When 3PM hits, I always apply some Peppermint Halo and do a quick Saje Breath with our Energy Revitalizing Oil Blend. The uplifting ingredients like peppermint and lemon blended with stress-reducing rosemary is the natural boost I need to help me refocus and get amped up for the rest of the afternoon. Some days, I may be sipping on an iced americano too.

How to do a Saje Breath (see Kiara’s dad, and Saje co-founder, Jean-Pierre demonstrate a Saje Breath in this video)

  1. Pick your favorite oil blend (try Kiara’s favorite Energy or Stress ReleaseFortifyInhale or Cleanse) and roll onto the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub both hands together briskly.
  3. Cup your hands over nose and mouth and breathe deeply.
  4. Hold your breath for a count of three, then release slowly and calmly.
  5. Feel the positive effects of a full hormonal shift.
  6. Repeat as often as you like.


Wellness for me is being able to really shut off at the end of the day and reset. Anytime I have an evening free from meetings or work-related travel, I like to spend time at Granville Island picking up super fresh ingredients, some wine and then head home to cook for friends or family.


As soon as I start winding down for the evening I like to create an ambiance of wellness which for me starts with diffusing one of my favorite essential oil blends—Tranquility—in my aromaOm. Before heading to bed, I remove traces from the day with Bare Face Makeup Remover before applying Sleep Well on the bottom of both my feet to help get me in a restful state of mind. Sometimes, you might catch me watching an episode of House of Cards (or two) before getting into bed.


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