Photos Courtesy of Kai Keane
Photos Courtesy of Kai Keane

The All-Natural Tonic That Can Help Balance Your Period: Meet De Lune

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Fighting for “menstrual equity” is totally a thing in 2017. Why should women feel embarrassed about something that happens monthly? We shouldn’t, is the answer, and one way to even the playing field is to work with your body’s natural cycles. And of course, there’s an all-natural tonic that help can do that. De Lune supports more regulated PMS symptoms and can actually help reduce cramps, all without OTC painkillers. We’re totally in, so we talked to founder Mimi Millard about her background and why De Lune can help.

What IS De Lune and why is it a product you feel passionate about?

De Lune is an all-natural tonic designed to bring nutrient levels back into balance during your period. It is specially formulated to fight cramps and other PMS symptoms, and YES it really works. I’m passionate about it because I drink it every month! De Lune has empowered me to go pill-free and I want to share it with everyone.

Why did you start De Lune?

I am an artist, an engineer and a menstruating human. I earned my degree in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University, and since then have worked in the fields of design thinking education, sustainable architecture and wellness entrepreneurship. Through De Lune, I have made it my mission to improve the menstruation experience for as many people as I can.

It all started back in college when I suffered a bad reaction to a pain medication that I was taking for my period cramps. I ended up in the hospital, and that day I decided to find an alternative solution to my period pain. I wanted a product that did not have any negative side effects. A product that was effective in treating my pain, without the synthetic ingredients. I wanted a product that made me feel good about my period. It didn’t exist… so I stubbornly set out to create it myself!

How does it work? Why do these ingredients support a more pleasant PMS?

Our active ingredients are currently apple cider vinegar (a natural anti-inflammatory) and blackstrap molasses (a natural muscle relaxer). The acetic acid and potassium from the apple cider vinegar, combined with the high concentrations of calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6 from the blackstrap molasses, are what relax the uterine muscles from cramping and make De Lune such a potent remedy.

These nutrients are critical to your body’s muscle function, especially during menstruation when they are depleted due to blood loss. In fact, these are the nutrients and vitamins recommended by doctors and athletic trainers for combating all kinds of muscular cramps—not only period cramps! Basically De Lune is treating the source of the pain, not just covering up the symptoms like over-the-counter painkillers do.

And stay tuned, because we are in the process of developing our second iteration of De Lune and it’s going to have an even more potent recipe!

Why is it important for women to choose natural remedies for period PMS?

It’s important to understand that your body is an interconnected system, and it needs to be treated that way. Natural remedies typically target the root cause of the problem instead of the symptoms, which makes them a more holistic solution. Also, natural remedies like De Lune generally don’t produce ANY harmful side effects.

Besides De Lune, what’s your favorite tip for managing your PMS?

Dark chocolate, incense and some verrrrrry slow yoga.

Also—don’t hide it! If you’re experiencing pain or PMS symptoms, don’t be afraid to let your friends or colleagues know the reason. Talking honestly about your period is empowering and should not be taboo!

What else do you feel it’s important to share about DeLune and women’s health?

I think women today especially need to be more compassionate to their bodies. Self-love is one of the foundational pillars of De Lune’s mission, which I think comes across in our brand and in how we talk about periods. We embrace them and nurture them with the nutrients they need, instead of dreading them.

Visit delune.co or follow @delunecare on IG for more info on periods and holistic wellness.

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