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Image courtesy of @doyoucbd.

New CBD-Focused Online Marketplace Hopes to Change the Cannabis Game (Plus 6 Unique CBD Products to Try Now)

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The widespread success of CBD products has only increased in the last year, after the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal at a federal level. But with everyone from your local co-op to your yoga studio and national drugstore chain now selling cannabinoid (CBD) goodies, how do you know which one is right for you?

That’s a problem new e-tailers are hoping to solve with targeted, vetted CBD-based product recommendations. tökr, a cannabis e-commerce and recommendation platform, recently launched an online CBD store that connects consumers to trusted CBD lifestyle brands. tökr carefully vets and curates credible CBD products based on consumers’ diverse needs and lifestyles, such as rest/relaxation, stress/mood, better sleep, beauty/grooming, sex/sensuality, active lifestyle—and more (like pets).

The company is one of the first CBD platforms that sources from multiple brands and that ships nationwide, with the goal of increasing both awareness and accessibility. “tökr was created to encourage the growing support for the positive benefits of the cannabis plant,” says Brian Campbell, chief creative officer and co-founder. “We also view everyone in this industry as having a responsibility to shape it into the best version of itself, and creating our marketplace was an opportunity to bring our values to the table and help cannabis become something we can all be proud to be a part of.”

Stress, Anxiety and Sleep, Oh My! Choosing the CBD Product for You

Aside from the potential stigma that comes with CBD and its connection to marijuana, one hurdle for a newcomer is the vast number of products available. How do you choose which brand, formula or ingredient list is right for you particular ailment? Is the same CBD that’s good for anxiety and stress the best one to help with pain and muscle aches?

That’s where tökr’s curated CBD marketplace comes in. You can easily browse categories related to your needs, making the shopping experience less overwhelming than if you were left to seek things out completely on your own. Brian says their search categories were created to reflect trends and popular applications of CBD. “These categories will always evolve based on research, the state of the industry and the products available on the marketplace,” he says. “It may seem strange for someone new to CBD to see a whole section for fitness relief and recovery, but make no mistake that everyone from NFL players to golfers and yogis have been using these products for years as an incredible anti-inflammatory, which has the ability to reduce recovery time substantially.”

Ensuring Quality CBD Products

Another hole a newcomer can fall into is trying to source quality CBD products with trustworthy ingredients and high efficacy. The explosion of accessibility and creation of CBD-based products has only made it tougher to sort out what’s actually worth your money.

Brian says for tökr, a large portion of their business is consumer by ensuring the products they stock are vetted and trusted. “We have a deep partnership with each brand that is represented on tökr. The relationship is contingent upon us understanding all aspects of their brand—from where they source their products (including lab testing), the ingredients used, the audience they are trying to speak to, and the vision and leadership that drives them forward.”

Purity of the CBD is also key, Brian says, and it starts with the sourcing of the plants and the distillation process. Each brand is required by law to provide its lab results, he says, but then the tökr team also vets brands based on sourcing and testing. Then, they make sure they understand the rest of the ingredients used to create each specialized product, whether it’s olive oil, essential oils, botanicals or chocolate. They share all that info with their customers, because, as Brian says, “In this industry, transparency is key to developing trust in the use of cannabis and CBD.”

Creating a Safe CBD Marketplace

Due to the stigma that has been built around cannabis and the slow adoption of the plant back into mainstream use, Brian says, it’s up to the industry to provide a safe marketplace that’s geared toward educating consumers about what products are perfect for their needs and giving access to the best brands and products available. “We are helping evolve the conversation past the stigma attached to it, to move it forward into a professional, trusted and modernized industry,” he says.

With that in mind, here are six of our favorite recommendations for unique CBD products across the wellness spectrum.

6 Unique CBD Products to Try Now

Shea Brand CBD Headache Roller

She Brand’s CBD Headache Roller offers a super convenient and powerful way to address the very serious pain that comes with a headache, and—more importantly—the cause of the headache in the first place. When delivered into your system locally through your skin, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors responsible for the nerve pain and inflammation that come with headaches and migraines. This sleek rollerball combines the healing and pain-killing benefits of CBD with satisfying menthol, arnica oil and essential oils to deliver fast relief with long-lasting effects.

Quanta Muscle Rub

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is infused with CBD, arnica, turmeric and a proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory relief.  Packed with pain-fighting ingredients, it works synergistically to increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and provide relief, comfort and overall well-being. It’s great for all muscle and joint pain including arthritis, piriformis syndrome, muscle spasms, osteoporosis, severe neuropathy pain, fibromyalgia and more.

CBD Luxe Be Calm Tincture

BE CALM is an uber-calming blend enriched with valerian, chamomile, lavender and honey, all on top of full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s rich in more than just CBD, with other beneficial cannabinoids adding to the well-rounded formula intended to help you ease into sleep. Organically certified, non GMO MCT coconut oil is the base for the healthy (and tasty) tincture.

Karezza Women’s Daily

Formulated with traditional herbal ingredients and CBD, Women’s Daily is a once-a-day supplement intended to help your body’s systems align to improve sexual experiences. The formula features organic, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, carefully crafted with a synergistic blend of botanicals traditionally used for female sexual body system support. Highly bioavailable, Women’s Daily is super easy to use, in an oral spray with rapid sublingual (under-the-tongue) absorption.

Shanti Wellness Soothe Body Balm

Soothe is a relaxing blend of lavender and eucalyptus, combined with a high concentration of CBD-rich hemp oil, making it effective to relieve sore muscles and alleviate everyday aches and pains. The non-greasy balm contains four times more active ingredients than leading brands, and is a perfect tool for post-bath or shower relaxation. It just promotes an ease for your muscles can’t get calm on their own.

Hora Skin Care Super Serum with CBD

A unique and targeted serum, Hora Skin Care’s Super Serum + CBD is full of skin-boosting goodness. Juicy oils like rosehip, argan and squalene combine with CBD isolate, marine collagen and vitamin C to tackle fine lines, lack of luster, inflammation and more. It’s antioxidant, nourishing, soothing and clarifying, all in one super-powered serum.

Interested in more CBD products? Check out nine others we keep stocked in our beauty cabinet.

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