Our Top 10 Clean Beauty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to help the Mom figure in your life enjoy an at-home spa experience (because who more than our moms deserves a luxurious day of self-care?). Our team voted on our clean beauty musts to to add to your Mother’s Day gifting list (or to hoard for yourself). Keep reading for what we’re buying our moms this year.

1. Follain Candle. # 2

This is Follain’s exclusive scent blend that we love soothes and uplifts with notes of white tea, fresh fig leaf, basil—and a touch of lavender. Crafted from sustainable vegetable wax and all-cotton wick for cleaner burning, it’s also hand-poured in the USA. Win-win.

2. Follain x Organic Bath Co. Rose Body Butter

Based on Organic Bath Co.’s award winning Drench formula, this body butter is lightly whipped with Moroccan rose essential oil, giving it a light but fresh scent that we want to wrap ourselves in.

3. Kosmatology’s Mint Your Mother’s Day Gift Set

Perfect for that busy mom who is constantly on her feet, this gift set has two of our favorite Kosmatology products: Mint Your Feet Foot Balm (perfect for hydrating and soothing) and Mint Your Feet Mineral Salt Foot Scrub (incredible for tired feet in need of extra loving).

4. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

This is mist has a cult following and is favorite for the entire WELL team—and for good reason. It has an intoxicating scent, and it works wonders to refresh and hydrate our complexion. It’s in the office, in our carry-on bags and generally with us wherever we go.

5. La Bella Figura Purifying Manuka Mask

We love all things Manuka and this indulgent mask, which is antibacterial and helps with skin regeneration, is no exception. It’s another travel must-have, though we tend to use it a couple times a week no matter where we are.

6. Orgaid Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask

Sheet mask are some of our favorites because they fit into anyone’s schedule—actually. They’re quick, easy and ready to be used on the go (or when you only have a few minutes to spare). And for $6, this nourishing sheet mask is both thoughtful and won’t break the bank.

7. True Moringa Universal Cure Balm

This moringa-oil based balm is truly a cure all—and a must-have for busy moms to keep in their purse for on-the-go first aid. We love it because it soothes on contact and helps promote fast healing.

8. Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil

Who doesn’t need a little help drifting off to dreamland? This all-natural, essential oil blend helps soothe the mind and calm the body, and helps us catch zzzzzz’s a lot faster than when we try to go at it alone. Moms of young kids will benefit as much as we do.

9. Cocokind Chagaglo Highlighter Stick

What’s easier than glow-inducing makeup that comes in a stick form? This chaga mushroom-infused bronzer come highlighter stick is simple enough to apply in the car (which is where we use it often) because it’s super blendable and not too glitterly. It’s great for perking up a complexion or warming up your skintone—and it only requires one step.

10. Osmia Organics Recovery Bath Salts

The best way to create an at-home spa experience is with a luxurious bath—and we keep reaching for Osmia Organics’ Recovery Bath Salts, formulated with sea salt that’s high in magnesium to soothe inflamed muscles and and slow down the aging process. Sign us up.

Interested in green beauty ideas? Try out our top five clean beauty picks.

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