Why the Partial Solar Eclipse + New Moon Mean It’s Time to Schedule Alone Time

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Starting at about 1:55 p.m. EST on Feb. 15, 2018, the moon will cast only the outer part of its shadow on Earth, and what we’ll see (well, what southern South America, Antarctica, and certain parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will see) will look like a sun that’s had a bite taken out of it by the moon. It just means that the moon, sun and Earth aren’t quite perfectly aligned, like during a full eclipse.

But just because it’s not a full solar eclipse doesn’t mean it’s not spiritually significant: Today’s partial solar eclipse is a great time for personal reflection and turning inward. Here’s what two experts had to say about why today’s the day to schedule some alone time.

New Moons Beckon Us to Contemplate Our Needs

Jennifer Racioppi, Success Coach and Astrologer: “When the sun and moon combine forces as they do every month at the time of the new moon, a dark night in the sky invites us to take our attention and gaze inward. New moons commence new cycles, and because of that, they beckon us to quietly contemplate our needs. Solar eclipses contain the power of multiple new moons at once. Due to their potency, taking time for reflection allows you to consciously commence a new cycle with intention.

Solar eclipses commence not just a new moon cycle, but they have long-reaching impacts. Eclipses belong to longer 19 year-long cycles, meaning that the actions taken during or near a solar eclipse have far-reaching influences. So taking time to still your mind at the time of the Aquarius solar eclipse at 27 degrees allows you to consciously connect to yourself, and your future goals before heedlessly pushing forward.”

Hold Space for What Feels Intense

Asha Ramakrishna, Spiritual + Business Mentor, Author of The Priestess Code: “I am advocate of knowing the energetic influences, but only if we use an archetype to work with. We are not victims of the energies, but rather, we are to take the prompts of the cosmos as invitations to go within.

During the February 15 solar eclipse, new moon energy, Chinese new year (lunar year) and Valentine’s Day, you’re given an invitation of divine love, of looking at what is being eclipsed and what truth is revealed about what we most desire in partnership and in community.

From a Human Design perspective, we are transiting I Ching hexagram 30: Intensity. Expect for what you want to shed to feel intense and keep the focus on what you most want, staying innovative with how the world can serve you and how YOU will serve the world. Know that as you hold the energy of new intentions, the intensity will subside and by February 19, we will feel the transit of hexagram 55 of Abundance. This is about abundance is spirit which will lead to inner and outer harmony.

So remember, hold space for what feels intense, shed what is being brought to awareness, make intentions that align to divine love and open up to innovations to serve humanity.”

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