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Saalt Co. and Beauty Heroes Partner in Kenya to Advocate for Menstruation Education

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Saalt, the feminine hygiene startup breaking down stigmas associated with menstruation and supporting sustainable period care worldwide, recently took their work to Kenya in collaboration with retail partner Beauty Heroes

In September 2019, Saalt’s Impact Director Danielle Burden, and Beauty Heroes’ CEO and Founder Jeannie Jarnot, traveled to the remote village of Kiminini, Kenya to collaborate with Saalt’s charity partners, OWI, to talk and teach about sustainable period care. 

The two partners distributed Saalt Cups to 500+ school girls and nursing students and taught about the benefits of menstrual cups for personal wellbeing and waste reduction. They collaborated with locals to address barriers to long-term cup adoption, whether it be through health education, access to clean water and latrines, or funding for sustainability initiatives. 

Beauty Heroes’ Founder Jeannie Jarnot and Saalt Impact Director Danielle Burden in Kenya.

The Saalt and Beauty Heroes team taught women and girls about menstrual cups, training them to become valuable mentors to new cup users, and working to answer questions and overcome any barriers they may have faced. 

The impact from the information Saalt and Beauty Heroes brought to the area has the potential to help end period poverty by increasing the number of students completing higher levels of education, community involvement, increased health awareness and care, and a hope for a better future. Each additional year of school can increase a girl’s lifetime earnings by as much as 25 percent. Most importantly, it empowers a girl to care for herself and increase her feelings of self-worth. 

“Our goal of this and future outreach trips is to further change the conversation around period health – and show what the world could look like if cups were accepted as a legitimate period care option worldwide,” says Danielle. “By introducing the Saalt menstrual cup, we were able to eliminate one small but consistent worry from the lives of these remarkable women and caregivers.” 

Beauty Heroes, known for its advocacy for clean, sustainable brands and one of Saalt’s biggest cheerleaders as they break down barriers for menstruators, seemed like a perfect fit to join the trip. “The decision to collaborate with Beauty Heroes was beautifully organic,” saya Danielle. “We felt Jeannie was a perfect partner to accompany me on this important trip because Beauty Heroes is the leading voice in sustainable beauty, wellness and lifestyle. During the trip, Jeannie and I were able to feel a global sisterhood and shared deeply meaningful experiences that will be a lasting benefit to both of our companies.”  

Says Jeannie, “With the women and girls we encountered, I was most impacted by how given the enormous difference in circumstances, we all have the same or similar questions, concerns and experiences with the Saalt cup. It felt so natural to talk about it with them, women everywhere speak ‘menstruation.’ We could all laugh, share and feel nervous about the same things. We all want our periods to be less complicated .” 

“It was so motivating to meet with women who were leaders in their community, not because of a vote but because of their grit and willingness to have hard conversations,” says Danielle. “These women were filled with a desire to make their community and lives better for themselves and for their children and grandchildren. It was easy to see the very pronounced difference that was being made through their efforts.” 

In addition to trips like this one, Saalt commits two percent of its revenue to donate period care and help fund initiatives in education, empowerment and sustainability. Since their launch in February of 2018, Saalt has donated more than 3,500 menstrual cups to women and girls in need, which helped to serve more than 8,700 menstrual cycles and divert more than 140,000 period waste products from landfills. The brand also started pilot donation programs in 12 countries (including the United States) and funded 1,800 days of school through scholarships for girls in rural Nepal.

For more info about Saalt, read what happened when we gave it a go for ourselves, or see why our founder picked it as one of her favorite wellness brands.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

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