Searches for Meatless Holiday Recipes Are Increasing on Pinterest—Here Are 5 to Try Now

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Whether you’re dabbling with meatless options for the first time this holiday, or you’re a veteran vegetarian or vegan, you’re *finally* in good company. According to VegNews, searches on Pinterest for “meatless Christmas meals” have increased by 53 percent in 2018 alone. We call that a win, right?

But even with the increase in online searching, you might still be the only one in your family going all in on plants (especially in the face of holiday traditions). Instead of sacrificing your dietary choices by only imbibing on bread and sugar cookies, bring a creative dish to the table so you won’t leave the party hungry—and you can show your friends and family that eating meatless can be totally tasty.

Each one of these yummy meatless recipes is hand-picked by some of our favorite vegetarian recipe experts. Before you know it, your family will be adding one of these dishes to their “must eat” list next holiday season.

Keep reading for five meatless holiday recipes everyone will love.

Bitter is Beautiful salad.

Bitter is Beautiful Salad + Sesame-Pomegranate Dressing

This gorgeous salad will be the perfect first course for your family’s holiday meal. According to author and beauty & health coach Jolene Hart, bitter foods promote healthy digestion and liver detox—which we could all use some of during the holidays. Not a bitter foods fan? Not to worry. Jolene includes a sweet dressing to balance some of the bitterness. Check out the full recipe and more of its health benefits on Jolene’s site.

Vegan and gluten-free mac and cheese.

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese With Kale

Thanks to author, and gluten-free chef Phoebe Lapine and her friends at Pacific Foods, your family won’t even know this mac and cheese is vegan and gluten free, since it seriously resembles the comfort food we all love. Where does the cheesy tasting sauce come from, you ask? The magic is made from cashews, nutritional yeast and pumpkin puree. According Phoebe’s recipe, this delectable meal will be ready to haul to your family get-together in just 30 minutes. Any kids at the holiday celebration will go nuts (see what we did there?) for it.

Vegetarian cassoulet.

Vegetarian Cassoulet With Mushrooms and Chard

Another tasty recipe from Phoebe, this cassoulet is an ideal option for holiday eaters who don’t want to skip over any food groups. Chock full of protein, carbs and veggies, this cassoulet doesn’t need meat to pack in the nutrients. You won’t even shed a tear about skipping the turkey knowing this dish will give you the taste and the nutrients you crave this season. Learn how to whip it up yourself on Phoebe’s website.

Dairy-free, gluten-free lasagna.

Creamy Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Mushroom Lasagna

If your family is up for giving this holiday season an Italian flair, try this dairy-free, gluten-free lasagna as a main dish for one of your celebratory meals. It’s author and podcast host Jessica Murnane’s most shared recipe from her cookbook One Part Plant, and it’s an extra special one to her because her family eats lasagna every Christmas Eve.

Roasted Brussels sprouts.

Quick Roasted Brussels Sprouts

We all need something at the holiday table that’s easy to make and easy to pop into our mouths. This roasted Brussels sprouts recipe from Jessica is simple, quick and pop-in-your-mouth-able. For a bonus, add these to your plate of creamy mushroom lasagna for a full splash of holiday colors! Find the full recipe on Jessica’s site and check out her cookbook for more meatless meals.


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