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Searches for Meatless Holiday Recipes Are Increasing on Pinterest—Here Are 5 to Try Now

Whether you’re dabbling with meatless options for the first time this holiday, or you’re a veteran vegetarian or vegan, you’re *finally* in good company. According to VegNews, searches on Pinterest for “meatless Christmas meals” have increased by 53 percent in 2018 alone. We call that a win, right? But even with the increase in online searching,…

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4 Tips For How to Navigate the Holidays With Food Allergies

Oh, what fun it is to… receive another holiday invite centering on traditions, family recipes, office treats and comfort foods. Hold up, though. If you’re one of the 220 to 250 million people worldwide who suffer from food allergies, looking for the perfect party outfit isn’t the only thing on your mind when it comes to…

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What Are Adaptogens, Really, and Do You Need Them to Be Healthy?

Would you like some lion’s mane with your coffee? Thanks to a trend in supplements, adaptogens like lion’s mane (and many other fungi) are now readily available to add to your morning pick-me-up. This category of coffee and tea add-ins is becoming so popular that it’s led to the launch of multiple companies dedicated to…

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Alicia Silverstone’s Journey to Wellness, Plus Her Tips for Choosing Clean Products

Whether you’re talking about the ingredients in your beauty products or the ingredients in your supplements, actress turned activist Alicia Silverstone says they matter. But it’s more than just what’s in your products, she says. It’s the process that ingredients go through before they get to formulation, and how they’re combined that’s important too. At…

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