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The Japanese Green Tea Treatment That Will Work Wonders for Your Body and Mind

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We’re always on the hunt for new ways to improve our personal wellness routines, whether it’s through healthy recipes and nutritious eating, secrets for better sleep, or productivity hacks that help us carve out more time for the things that leave us feeling happy and healthy. Needless to say, when we heard about a green tea treatment, we were intrigued.

According to Tai Tokugawa from The Taste of Tea Spa in Healdsburg, California, the Japanese Green Tea Treatment was designed to help enhance the health and beauty of the skin on your face, hands and feet. Even more, your internal health will get a big boost. “Powerful antioxidants bathe the skin with relaxing mists and soaks while your entire body is infused with the nutraceutical benefits of drinking organic green tea,” the team explains. Basically, the treatment allows the green tea’s magic powers work both inside and out—in just 30 minutes!

The Japanese Green Tea Treatment

The tea treatment calls for a specific type of Japanese Green tea, Shinwa, which is called “Kyoto Karigane.” According to the Taste of Tea team, Shinwa is grown specifically with advanced technology to ensure it has the right properties for a healing treatment. The magic in the ultra-relaxing treatment lies in the tea itself: It’s chemically different than other green tea varieties. “The difference comes from the cultivars, terroir, processing and care,” the team shares. “Leading scientists and dermatologists acknowledge what Asian cultures have known for centuries: Green tea helps protect against free radicals, is anti-aging via stabilization of collagen and elastin, [and helps with the] reduction of inflammatory activity, the regulation of the immune system and the promotion of enzymatic activity.”

During the half hour treatment, you slip your feet into a warm bowl of the tea while holding (and drinking) and cup of Kyoto tea. According to The Taste of Tea, the tea treatment then starts inside with the body’s free radicals; the tea’s super antioxidant properties scavenge them to boost health. While this happens, the active polyphenols and polysaccharides in the green tea help increase moisture absorption outside. The caffeine and tannins from the tea reduce lines while giving the skin a more firm appearance. Last, the amino acid (L-theanine) from the tea promotes relaxation and mental clarity, giving your brain a well deserved break as your feet soak.

4 More Reasons to Love the Green Tea Treatment

As if the benefits of the quick treatment provides aren’t enough to convince you of the feel-good powers of green tea, the Taste of Tea team brought five more reasons to love it to our attention.

  1. Physicians love green tea. Green tea comes highly recommended by integrative health care physicians, known for the heap of benefits it brings. In fact, studies show that in addition to being a brain booster and agent for clearing up skin, it’s also effective in lowering cholesterol and the risk of having a heart attack.
  2. It’s full of active antioxidants. Getting in your antioxidants is important; after all, they’re good for heart-health and can lower your risk of infection. While you can get your fix from nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies, the tea treatment is an easy way to soak up more.
  3. The treatment is all-natural. The green tea treatment is totally natural; there are zero preservatives or additives in the tea, and no labels for you to try to decode. Phew!
  4. There’s no waste. Unlike other indulgences or more involved spa experiences, the green tea treatment uses only organic Japanese green tea and just enough water to steep the tea, so there’s virtually zero waste. Guilt-free, indeed.

3 Ways to Reap the Benefits of Japanese Green Tea At Home

  1. Sip a cup of your favorite green tea. Whether you choose matcha, loose leaf or mint, a practice of adding green tea to your daily routine can give you the antioxidant benefits your body craves.
  2. Try a green tea mask. Mix 1 tablespoon matcha green tea with enough raw honey and water to make a paste, and apply all over skin. Let sit for 15 minutes before rising gently away.
  3. Create your own green tea soak. Again, using your favorite green tea, create a foot or hand soak as part of your self-care routine. Try adding Epsom salts to get an extra detoxifying effect!


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