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Photo courtesy of We The Classy

The MADE SAFE Hazard List Launches Today—Here’s What You Need to Know

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If you’ve ever been curious about ingredients in the personal care products you reach for every day or the chemicals used in formulating what you clean with, what you sleep on or why your favorite ice cream is that color, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed at best—and discouraged at worst. Today, MADE SAFE®, the nonprofit organization committed to providing the “first compressive human health-focused certification for nontoxic products across store aisles,” launches the MADE SAFE® Hazard List, a guide to help us navigate the “chemical conundrum.”

What Is It?

With more than 84,000 chemicals in the marketplace right now, consumers are having to sort out “guilty” chemicals in order to prevent them from being in products. “That’s a big ask!” says Amy Ziff, founder and executive director of MADE SAFE®. “People don’t know how to determine if something is a ‘disruptor’—endocrine, behavioral, reproductive—but we do. We want to decipher and decode for consumers and be a resource in cleaning up their own lives, their homes, their products. All of these chemicals can be uninvited guests that come unwittingly in things we buy.” The MADE SAFE® Hazard List will help take the burden of research and guesswork off consumers’ shoulders, and serve as a guide for brands interested in learning how to work with Made Safe.

“MADE SAFE® believes very firmly that education is at the root of change,” Amy says. “Understanding, learning, getting information and being able to act on that will, for some people, will mean buying the MADE SAFE® label products; for others, they’ll want to learn even more and self-cull and curate their choices.”

For a brand that wants to work with MADE SAFE®, Amy says, “This can be a hard look in the mirror, and then brands can determine where to start to reformulate. Sometimes, if they’ve been careful along the way with their formulas, it’s a quick and easy finish. For the majority of brands, though, there’s a lot to be learned, and they can use our scientific process to come out the other side. It’s important for brands to be able to say, ‘We don’t allow these things in our products.’”

What’s On It?

Though not every single chemical is listed on the MADE SAFE® Hazard List, it does represent some of the most common, worst offending toxicants across categories. “Scientific process determines what’s on the list,” Amy shares. “We’ve had to weigh what to put on it without overwhelming people, but we thought these are the ones that belonged. We’ll continue to add as information emerges or is relevant.” The Hazard List is organized by categories—heavy metal, mercury, sunscreen, pesticides, antibacterials, antimicrobials, fragrance, artificial flavors and more—to make it easy for consumers and brands to find that for which they’re searching.

How Can I Access It?

The MADE SAFE® Hazard List launches today on madesafe.org. “The list will serve as a living, breathing tool,” Amy says. “This is just the beginning. It will continue to grow as warranted.” MADE SAFE® will continue to provide “chemical callouts” on their site and in their monthly newsletters; up-to-date information will also be posted to Instagram @madesafehq.

With the knowledge the list provides, consumers and brands are now empowered to make decisions based in proven science. The launch of the MADE SAFE® Hazard List makes it easier than ever to determine what’s best for our individual health, and what makes sense for our unique lifestyles.

Want to know more about how MADE SAFE® came to be? Read our interview with Amy Ziff, and find out what the certification means for brands and consumers

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